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1 year ago
With games and code out today this game time has come and gone. It's good for beginners to get the feel of how to use the flippers. So if you a preteen you'll like it for a month. Or someone with a low IQ you'll think it's great. Over and over again and again. Please stop
2 years ago
I haven't owned this game long. I think I've played better before I learned the rules. Multiball not to hard to get and you can add a ball to multiball if you spell or have F-I-S-H lit and hit the shot for Fish Lit. Work your way up to become BOSS. This game is great because it has TEAM play. Player 1&3 verses Player 2&4. Great for couples or teams. Update: only after the sale of this game I realize how fun it was and the toys that it had in it. Hope one day when room for another pin can be made it will be for The Sopranos.
2 years ago
I'm just starting to scratch the surface of the masterpiece of a game. I've never read a Game of Thrones book nor have I seen an episode of the show. Liking the light show and the shots are smooth. There's many different ways to play the game. By picking what house to do battle with. This game is deep. I'm recommend watching the 5 part tutorials on YouTube by Chuckwurt.
UPDATED 3-9-2020 After owning this game about 18 months and new code update I had to rate this pin higher. This is my go to pin time and time again.
3 years ago
This review is for the premium, I find this game enjoyable and can't see why the reviews are so bad. It could use a code update just to polish it up and let it shine. It's a great game for beginner's to learn on and pro's to relax on. The shots are smooth and dig the 4 in 1 ramp. (1) You have left to right Orbit (ramp raises up) (2) left ramp to Right 360° drain bowl to right flipper. (3) Left ramp to 180° switchback to left flipper. (4) Left ramp to 180° switchback to diverter that drains to right flipper. Now that's one heck of a ramp. It has a couple skill shots as well. 5 bank drop targets, spinner, pop bumpers. And a turn table to showcase your "BOSS" Mustang.
3 years ago
This game is about drop targets. 9 total this is where your skill shot comes in. Start with the (2) Jacks. That will light 1000 point pop bumper and reset drop targets. Now shoot for the (3) Queens to reset target again and advance to the Full House. Now you'll need the (3) Queen again and (2) Kings.
3 years ago
This game was fun, I just need more to do and make shot without hitting post and draining ball. But once you can get your shots down the points will rack up. I'll give a better review after I get 25 games in. Plus the upper right flipper was broke. Well I must have like thus game I purchased one to get a feel for it. ColorDMD is a game changer.
3 years ago
I owned this game over three years. About 5 code updates. I liked it at the start and it keeps getting better with every code update. I'll keep this pin. I put so color LED's (Green) for the walkers, (Red) for Blood Bath. To dress it up and make it easier to spot walkers. This is just a fun game.
3 years ago
I picked the game up about 5 year ago. At one time was looking to get the other two Pinbot and Bride of Pinbot. But I think the is the better of the three. I was thinking of putting on the maket, but my 8 year niece said it was her favorite and to please keep it. So it stays in the collection.
3 years ago
I played this machine and didn't do well, but I couldn't stop playing. The code was deep which I liked. This is a game that I hope to get one day. People complain about the cabinet art work. Easy fix, put in in between two others pinball machines. As for the backglass, change it out.
3 years ago
I tried playing this game on more than one occasion (5). Sorry but I just didn't like it at all. One place I play it was set on free play, after game three I had enough. Don't know why it's in the top 10. I'll look for it to get pushed down in ranking. 30ish before years end. (2018) updated 4-17-2019. I'll admit I was wrong about this game. It maybe because of the code update. But I doubt it. I played multiple game and understand the rules now. Yes I purchased the game used and I'm now thinking of getting a NIB because I'm liking this game. Shots are smooth, I like the shaker I installed , I feel it's a must. Can't wait to get back to it. Gotta go play now. Game just keep calling me back for one more game, Work can wait!
3 years ago
This is my 12th game. I was going to buy GoT but it was sold before I could confirm that I wanted it. I have no regrets about getting Aerosmith Pro. Love the LED lighting, the smooth flow of the game. Toy box in attic is great at the start of multiball, starts shaking. I kept saying just one more game. A lot better than the other music pins, I can be opinionated. Look for Aerosmith to make the top twenty soon. Now that Stern has employ 3 more coders, I'm looking for update on codes. Update: new code installed has taken game to a whole new level. New call outs, rules for modes have changed. If you haven't play Aerosmith in a while give it another try.