Luck and Happiness

By spicekabay

February 20, 2022

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5 months ago

Having no past with pinball doesn’t mean there is no story to tell. When I was young, of course I had dreams, like becoming famous or at least liked very much in my neighborhood, dating cheerleaders, and building an empire of wealth and happiness. It is quite obvious for all of this having a pinball machine or two is a mandatory prerequisite. The only question then is how to get them.

When at school, I didn’t have much money, but a lot of unused spare time. So, why not trading in some of this time for money? From my calculations half a year of hard work being a hand at a lawyer’s office would earn me a pinball machine, my ticket to my future life.

Well, I have learned a lot for my future life while working at a law firm, first of all, what is called an internship at a law firm does earn you a lot of well worth experience, but no money, and second, in order to prevent myself from learning this lesson twice, I would better become a lawyer myself.

Next thing I learned was there is much more to getting a pinball machine than just money. And these things can keep you busy for quite a long time, while still having no pinball machine.

For example for obvious reasons I needed a space to place my precious machine. A garage may be a good place, but from my perspective, my pinball machine might feel a little misplaced there, if not accompanied by a muscle car. Not having a suitable muscle car at hand, I decided for a dedicated game room to be the right home for my future pinball machine. Didn’t I need a home for myself, too? What a match!

Second, in order to prevent bankruptcy when becoming overwhelmed by all these fabulous shopping opportunities in the pinball business, and in particular when having learned what “modding” means, a ministry of finance comes in handy. So I got married, to a cheerleader, of course.

Last but not least, every pinball machine needs to feel the love of a devoted crowd. Who would be easier to hire for this job than kids? Already having a lovely wife, this one was an easy achievement to accomplish, but timewise has set back reaching my goal of getting a pinball machine a lot.

After 30 years of struggling with overcoming obstacles on my way to my first own pinball machine, I only recently have managed to finally can call myself a proud owner of such a symbiotic wonder of technology and fun. Of course, from my current position in the community of pinball owners, I didn’t feel allowed to fetch away a classic collectable game, so I opted for a new machine straight from the box. Since I also had to have an eye on the interests of the mistress of treasury as well as the devoted crowd, decision was made towards Stern’s Mandalorian Premium. This is the way!

Since then I have learned what patience means. In fact I was waiting a lot, after having placed an order for a pinball machine. This time of my life was both so exciting and very dangerous. The second I had filed the application for my next pinball machine, I wanted to see my wish fulfilled. In absence of the immediate fulfillment, I started goggling around. What experience do others share? How much of the rule sheet do I understand or can I learn by heart without having laid hands on my new machine even once? And wait, all this gorgeous pinball related stuff I can order! This is when danger rises high and the growling from the treasurer’s dungeon cannot be ignored any longer.

Thankfully if one thing in the pinball community is not running short, it’s advice. I have received a lot of advices on using protective measures of all kinds of shape, color and material, on how to pimp the stage and sound and even on how to store my beverages. All of them have turned my machine into the beast that really deserves the premium label, and now it’s also quite impossible for the neighborhood to miss my latest acquisition.

Summing up all my aforesaid dreams have been fulfilled. I am grateful, I am happy! Thank you pinball!

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5 months ago

Very cool story. My first job after emigrating from Manchester to Germany was at the Gymnasium Rodenkirchen back in 1989. Cologne is a fantastic city for pinheads as there are still many public places to play the silverball.

I am, however, concerned by one thing: you appear to be be keeping only one game. This issue should be addressed immediately ;-).

5 months ago

Nice story... It can be a different situation depending on what part of the world you live in and what generation you were from... I was fortunate enough to be around during the EM to Solid State migration in the USA. I owned four EM pinball machines by the time I was 16 years old. I thought I was pretty cool. But, most people said, "Why do you have those old, junky machines? No one plays those anymore." That was many years ago, and I'm still in the hobby with even more machines... Be warned, you will own multiple machines in the near future...

5 months ago

You write well, sir. Made me smile. Thank you for sharing.

5 months ago

Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. Now make some room for some more machines please!

5 months ago

Great story, written in a very humoristic way. Loved it. I guess we all have our ministry of finance lurking in the back with all mighty powers and undisputed (disputable??) logics, ready to kill any dream of investment and further expansion, the infamous WAF. Whether the game matches the decoration or not is the next concern isn't it? // I once talked to a guy stating that a BONEBUSTERS was one of the hardest to sell because of the flashy pink color on the cabinet that contrasts perhaps too much with the average living room... Let's hope the next machines will pop up soon on your side.

5 months ago

Now it's time to Google Mandalorian premium pinball mods. Lol

5 months ago

You all are so kind, thank you very much! I promise the expansion of my collection within the comming 30 years...

5 months ago

First one is in. Now sit back and watch the hobby spiral out of control beyond your wildest imagination.

5 months ago

Congrats on your first game and thank you for a great read. Your machine looks excellent! Check out the Stern Art blades to complement the inside of the cabinet. Artwork is by Randy Martinez

5 months ago

Betcha can't stop with just one...

Welcome to the sickness!

4 months ago

It’s a great hobby to have, brings back very fond memories playing in the arcades as a kid. It’s also
A very addictive hobby. That’s something to start out with a brand new pin, enjoy!

4 months ago

Welcome to this intoxicating sport! You picked a great game to start off your journey. Mando is one of the best- will test your patience and reward you with that "one more game!" addiction. I had a couple of serious pinball buddies over last night - no rest for Mando.

Now about your full time job. It will definitely get in the way of your new passion. Use it to fund some more tables and then time to move on..


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