I'm addicted and I can't stop!!!

By SpencKS

January 20, 2021

35 days ago

My parents had a few Pinball machines at home when I was a young teenager - a Taxi and some other machine that I can't recall the name of.  I remember playing some, but never truly appreciated them for what they were.  I was a teenager and more concerned with girls and friends at that time in life.  Later, I ended up inheriting the Taxi machine and had it in our home for a few years.  We really enjoyed it, but then the machine started to have problems and had no idea who would fix them in our area.  Then came babies and Pinball was gone for good.  We ultimately gave the machine to our church youth group, never to be seen again.

Fast forward 15 years later...  I'm playing golf with a buddy and he starts talking about his Pinball machines and his passion for them.  I had a flood of very fond memories of playing as a young man and instantly missed having a machine to play on.  I knew instantly that I must have one again!  My buddy and another friend of his like to buy and refurbish machines as a side gig.  He told me they had a Twister that was just finishing being shopped (by the way, I had no idea what "shopped" meant) and that I could certainly come take a look at the machine.  After getting approval from the wife, I scheduled a time to go look at the machine.  Little did I know that things would quickly change for me...

I show up to my friends house to look at the Twister at bout 8:00 pm.  My thought is I go in, look a the machine, play a few games and then settle on the price.  Boy was I wrong...  Sure, I played the Twister and finished the deal, but four hours later I was still there.  My buddy had many, many Pins in his basement.  AC/DC, Transformers, Ghostbusters, etc...  I was being indoctrinated into the Pinhead life style.  During those four hours I learned of Pinball history, types of machines, brands, playing styles and so much more than I thought I would gain from a short trip to a buddy's house.  I had a new passion - and it bit me quickly!  By the time the evening was over I purchased two machines - Twister and Ghostbusters.  Man was my wife surprised!

Within 6 months I have now purchased four machines.  Twister, Ghostbusters, SpiderMan, and Guardians of the Galaxy.  My next machine, when I can find one, is a WOZ Ruby Red!!!  Living in Kansas it only makes sense to have a WOZ!

The best part of Pinball, outside of the beautiful machines, is the friendships and relationships it has forged with others.  People are absolutely enamored by the machines as soon as they see them.  Most importantly, my wife and I really enjoy playing together.  It really helps that she loves it as much as I do when I decide to bring home a new machine!

I know that my story is similar to others.  This hobby is addictive, like nothing else I have experienced before!

Yours in Pinball...


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8 days ago

Great story, you should ask around about the Taxi you gave to your church all those years ago. Maybe it’s long gone, but maybe it’s in someone’s basement two towns over waiting for you to scoop it back up!

7 days ago

So happy for you that your wife appreciates the pins too, that's kind of rare. She's a keeper ;)

7 days ago

Metallica pinball is what got me addicted to pinball. Didn't even know pinball machines were even being made anymore until I stumbled across a Metallica.

6 days ago

Your story in one aspect or another is everyone's.
I loved it and have heard a similar version at least 100 times.

About 15 years ago, not having a clue, I decided to find a pin for my three young children and the hopes of a small game room. I found a guy in Connecticut and he sold me a Bally Eight-Ball. As we loaded the machine, he smiled and said, "Don't worry, you'll get the bug!" I smiled back and wondered what the hell he was talking about.

Fast forward, I have bought, restored, collected, traded, sold, or donated (to church youth groups) over 110 pins from early EMs like Target Alpha.... to Centaur. I have also owned numerous vintage Coke machines, juke boxes, candy machines, shuffle alleys, and really cool arcade games.
Our game room rocks when we have get-togethers.

We ALL get bit by the bug! (There ain't no cure.) As the great Yogi Berra once said..."It's like deja-vu, all over again."

Welcome to the "pinsphere"
The Bally Lama
"On your deathbed you shall receive total consciousness, so you'll have that going for you!"

6 days ago

Thanks for the great read

6 days ago

Great story we all can relate to! Pinball is the most addicting hobby I’ve ever experienced. I bought my first machine last summer and everybody here on warned me they tend to multi like rabbits......now I’m realizing just how accurate those statements were lol.

5 days ago

Thanks for sharing. Haha this sounds alot like several other pinsiders I know :)

5 days ago

Great story! Nice to see another Topeka KS member on here!

4 days ago

Nice read, thank you. Joy of a home arcade is they just start to multiply regardless if that’s what your intention was. I find myself browsing machines even when I don’t have the resources to do so. Lol

3 days ago

I have a great collection and my wife hates pinball. Go figure.

2 days ago

Good for u!! Life is to short.. pinn-on!!Stay happy..

2 days ago

You're a very lucky young man. When I'm at pinball shows you can usually tell the new guy with one machine. I always ask them if they're married. If they say yes, I respond, you're screwed.

2 hours ago

Great story, welcome to the club! It’s a fun addiction!

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