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6 years ago
I PLAYED this game at the Northwest Pinball show. After all the hype behind this game I was really looking forward to seeing and playing the game in person. At first glance the game looked phenomenal, the artwork and theming was beautiful and the animations on the LCD display were fantastic, but that's as good as it gets. The playfield is a Mylar overlay that he'd not been secured properly and made playing a game nearly impossible. Most of the major toys were missing and parts of the playfield he'd been purposely blocked off so the ball could not enter areas that would cause the game to lock up. The skill shot was so frustrating that I eventually gave up and dropped the ball into the flippers so that I could start the game. All in all the game felt like more of a working piece of art rather than an actual pinball machine
8 years ago
Have had it for a few weeks now and I love it. Replaced the flipper coils and EOS switches and this game is awesome! To all the people that complain that the game is lousy because of the limp Bally flippers, try playing one that is set up correctly. I'm positive that if I played your beloved Addams or TZ with poorly functioning flippers my takeaway would not be positive either. My game can fire a ball around the particle separator from either flipper and a well placed anti gravity shot will always end up on the upper flipper. Also the "newton's cradle" shot where you knock the last ball back out of the atom smasher is very cool and lights the anti gravity shot for Extra Ball, making it a great strategy. Much more going on with this game than it gets credit for. To me the theme is great, sound is very fitting and the background "music" is constantly changing throughout the game as the Volt Meter level increase. "A sleeping Diamond" another reviewer called it and I have to agree, and as for their advice to never let it go, I don't think I ever will. It's a keeper for sure!
11 years ago
This game absolutely must be tuned correctly to appreciate it fully! The horseshoe switches are really finicky and if not set up properly the center post does not come up and balls go SDTM. I love the simplicity of the game, and the ragtime music is great as it changes throughout the game as you trap firemen and enter multiball. Although the rule set is really shallow, the game is just plain fun when it's working correctly and isn't that what it's all about?
11 years ago
Bought one for the kids, but must admit... it's pretty darn fun for us 40 somethings that grew up with Mario.