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3 years ago
This game SUCKS!!! I just don't like it. I don't understand the point of the game. It just seems like a jumble of crap with some lights and TVs. I hate playing it in league. I think the machine looks cheap. There are some cool sounds and the camera is cool, but I just can't get into this game at all. Not a fan and don't understand why people like it so much.
4 years ago
Game looks awesome.... I judt think there is way to much going on. And for a casual pinball who is just trying to have fun, there are too many rules and modes.
4 years ago
Just fun to play. Love the supercharger
4 years ago
Love this game. It's one of those games that you automatically start talking like Macho Man and Hulkster!!!! I'm not even good at the game, but just love playing it!!!
4 years ago
I think the game sucks. I play it in a league and I just don't know why people like this game. It's one of those games that I don't enjoy. There are lots of games that I don't like, but at least cN still enjoy playing...this is not one of them.
4 years ago
So I may be bias because this was my first pin, but it's such a fun EM. I still love playing this and it will be a keeper for sure. The game is just fun. You have a row of drop targets that seta up your special and extra ball. Only negative with the extra ball/special is that it has to go down the proper drain to get it once you've set it up. So just because you get the extra ball, doesn't always mean that you actually get it. The biggest thing that I love with this game is the record spinner in the middle. There are 2 advance/value switchers that will change the value of the spinner. One is up top where the ball drops into the playfield and the other just above the spinner. Talk about points. Get the spinner set to 1000 and get a good spin on it and watch the reels roll. But beware because depending on where the posts are on the spinner, it can kill the ball and reangle the ball right down the middle. The pop bumpers and quick and fun when you drop down. Therebisbalso a side track that changes values based if the switchers. Also, there is the advance bonus. That can make or break a good game.
I put LEDS in the game and it makes it sooooooooooooooooo much brighter and really leta the playfield pop. Bright colors and. Cool design. I love it... But again, I am bias. Lol
4 years ago
I like it. It's fun. Got nice gimmicks and keeps you playing. You can steal the multi ball from the other player. So that's pretty fun too. The only thing that kinda throws the scoring off, is the 10 million shot. It's only on for a hot couple seconds, but if you make that, you are a pinball GOD on this machine. The lighting is good, but if you LED it, it is amaze-balls. Music is catchy. Backglass, as everyone hsa said, it bad. Period. lol.
I think its a good game, and the GF loves it even more than me--She has the high score and is the QUEEN of the 10 Million shot.
I say pick one up if you can for a decent price. I paid $600, and I am more than happy for my money spent!!!