By SpaceTimeGuy

November 29, 2018

54 days ago

I never thought about "Pinball Karma" until tonight ... What?   You don't believe in KARMA ???  >> You better read this ....  It all started a few months ago when I bought a Surf Champ lower cabinet that someone was using for a coffee table (they never had the whole game ... they got the lower cabinet and playfield, thought it was cool so cut the legs down and used it for a table).   I always wanted a Surf Champ pinball machine but had been on the lookout for about a year but hadn't found one close to home that was in good shape and priced  reasonably > so I decided I would buy the "coffe table" and settle for using the playfield as a "wall hanger" in the Tiki Bar in my basement.   After I got the lower cabinet home > i decided it was in too good of condition to just be a wallhanger so I placed an ad to sell/trade it on Pinside.   I was hoping there was someone nearby who had a Surf Champ but needed a better PF and would give me their PF and some cash ( I would get my wall hanger and someone would get a nicer PF) ... well, no one local wrote me > but a Pinsider from Oklahoma did.   He had a Surf Champ that was in good condition except for the Playfield which was in horrible shape (paint literally falling off the PF) ... We wrote back and forth for ~2 months (~50 emails) discussing shipping options, best way to pack the populated PF, etc ...   A couple times I was ready to say "forget it" and just keep my wall hanger ... but I we finally completed the deal and I wrapped up the PF and took it to a Fed Ex store.  He received the PF three days later and said it arrived and he was happy with it's condition.   I was happy he got a really nice PF for his game  ... but I was bummed out that I had spent soooo much time (talking with him, drving to Fed Ex store to get a box, packing the populated playfield and driving back to Fed Ex store to ship it) and now I didn't even have a wall hanger (or the Surf Champ pin I started out looking for)  ... BUT THAT WAS ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE ... About a week after he received the PF > I came home from work and immediately checked all the pinballs for sale on the internet ... and HOLY SMOKES > there was a Surf Champ in good condition, for a reasonable price and only an hour an a half drive away from me.   Long story made a little shorter > 10 minutes later I was in my PT CRUISER driving to pick it up and now I am home typing this story on my computer !     So it all worked out > PINBALL KARMA  !!!  

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44 days ago
Nice score!
43 days ago
You might find the missing broken piece of slingshot plastic down deep in the cabinet. I found both of mine there (under the lower panel) and was able to do invisible repairs. Nice pin. Enjoy!
43 days ago
Nice. Yup sometimes you have to plant a seed and let it be...and then BOOM! Outta nowhere!
43 days ago
Good for you! Feels good to finally get the one you set out to find
42 days ago
I love stories with a happy ending.
42 days ago
Nice :) Thanks for sharing. Helping others with their projects has created nothing but positivity for me as well. Karma is not limited to any aspect of life in my opinion.
39 days ago
Yes, Karma is real. I have Surfer and it is my favorite EM multi player. It pays to be patient, happy for you bro.
38 days ago
You get what you deserve... and it looks like you got a good one. Congrats! I watch for them because it's a title that would lure my brother in Texas into the hobby.

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33 days ago
If you don't mind my asking what was it with that particular machine that made you want it so badly? Was it a pin you enjoyed back in the day like The Getaway Highspeed was for me? Nice pin
30 days ago
You fit a pinball machine in a PT cruiser? Nice! Enjoy the game. Be careful they multiply.
25 days ago
Thank you for all the nice responses to my story ! Yes > I believe karma applies to all areas of life ... sometimes it takes a while > but it always comes back to you ! @rkahr > Hope you find one and your brother gets pinball fever ! @Mrtattooz > Actually, I had never even played a Surf Champ (but saw it had good reviews) ... I have been fascinated by surfing since I was a kid and really liked the artwork on Surf Champ !! Do you have a Getaway Highspeed ? Hope so !! @Spauldingdp > I fit an Aztec (1970's EM) and an old wood rail cabinet and head into my PT Cruiser AT THE SAME TIME (leaving A2 to come home to Cleveland) ... thought that was soooo amazing (they both fit) that I started a thread about it ... check it out ... one guy posted a photo of 2 pinballs in his Honda Fit ... OMG > never would have thought that possible !!! "Be careful .. they multiply" >> Thanks for the warning ... but too late !!! Pinball Fever strikes again !!
16 days ago
Great story! Hope you got the wall hanger eventually also...

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