Cleveland, OH

November 18th, 2017

September 27th, 2021

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an Out-Of-This-World journey (a.ka. I made my bed ... Now I am going to PLAY in it !

“I had "humble" pinball beginnings ... I played pinball at the local shopping mall in my teens ... but my newspaper route money went too fast in the pinball machines so I never got to play that much.    My first pinball was a Bally Supersonic that I found   ... continued here


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favorite games

Jet Spin
1. Jet Spin

Gottlieb, 1977

Spy Hunter
2. Spy Hunter

Bally, 1984

Space Time
3. Space Time

Bally, 1972

4. Hardbody

Bally, 1987

5. Xenon

Bally, 1980

Sea Isle
6. Sea Isle

Chicago Coin, 1947


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