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8 days ago
Super fun,unique beast of a game

Way underrated we love it bolted to the floor

Stunning looking game,glad there are people doing what they want and not what your “supposed” to do according to the experts you create a gem like this this is a great game very addicting
66 days ago
Basing my review on a game set up high and dialed in with strong flippers

Really interesting game to me and a fantastic piece of art

You can really tell ,after learning some rules and playing it awhile,that ALOT of thought went into the game

My first love was 90s games,so I am bias

Longer I have it the more I appreciate it feel lucky to have one and IMO easily makes the top 10 pins ever made phenomenal game
86 days ago
One of best for us we love it.
Actually like it more then MM

Great game for all levels if you like to have fun

Some people have fun reading through endless code you will never see,I get that
I like the chance to beat it then come back to better my best game

This game is fun
4 months ago
Just picked this game up. Figured I would sell it on, but I’m surprised by it. It’s a fun game, the other comments here are spot on .

There is something about it that makes you want to play it.
Artwork is awesome I’m keeping it.
5 months ago
I’ve only had this game a week as of right now I’m completely blown away by it
Very unique game
The game itself is stupid beautiful

Killer game,trippy shots,interesting combos
This game is fast.When you get anything going,watch out it will blow by you
The music,when cranked up,is intense

Watch the first two movies and play this game you feel like your in the god dang movie

Most immersive pinball I’ve ever played
9 months ago
What can be said and what else could you want.
This is the game people.
Couldn’t believe I waited so long to pick one up
Hard but makes it challenging when you put it all together super good pinball
Best horror themed game ever
Just fun and coolness off the charts
9 months ago
What else can be said
This is great game and beautiful piece of art

The mechanics involved are crazy,the sound and movie clips used are amazing

So many 10s when you rate this beast

Edit- after owning for awhile I’ve realized if you actually learn to complete the modes the game really opens up for you

I don’t know if you would ever not find things to try a do on it

It’s a trippy game for sure takes time to really appreciate it

Not perfect and I took away on gameplay for having to adjust one of the pop up bash toys

This is a great game
10 months ago
If you know you know.
Killer game
1 year ago
I’ve only owned the game for days now after I read just about everything on it I could find I bought one
One of the most exciting pinball machine I’ve ever played
The thing is a work of art
So many combos,so many ways to create your own path to Thanos,can’t wait to dive into strategy over time
Fantastic layout,CM ramp is ridiculous so good
Can play the story out cause the game plays out like a comic book come to life or just multiball your way through to a decent score
It cannot be overstated how sweet the game shoots
It’s very very good
I love the art and sound AND the speech I think is pretty good actually when you know what your doing it all kinda gels
I did not expect to get a game that you can just shoot around and have fun but you can here
Patience is key to play through the game
After a month a researching I wanted to find a under appreciated game and even though it has strong community support I still think it’s underrated
The game is stupid good has it all
I play pinball 6 hrs in 3 days then maybe not for a couple weeks I’m glad I pick up this gem to play when I do
1 year ago
This is a great game.Has just about everything you could want from a modern game.
So much here,will take forever for me to go through the villains and look forward to learning all the strategies
This game kinda fell in my lap and I’m glad it did
The theme integration is off the charts

Edit-after much more play on the game I feel like the game is a masterpiece
2 years ago
I’ve had this game for a minute
I waited years to pull the trigger on one
The art,including the cabinet,to me is excellent
My wife is a huge fan like many and we enjoyed picking out all the lesser known characters on the cab
The playfield is jammed packed as everyone knows
Totally worth the price would be like a top shelf LE now
At first I enjoyed just shooting around.
Then I cooled on it a bit cause some of the shots seem odd

But as I stuck with it I started to get the code and what was happening I had some incredible balls that made me realize what this game has to offer
I mean this game TOTALLY immerses you in Springfield you feel like your in the game
I actually love the Itchy and Scratchy multiball as with so many places to keep the ball hung up ,makes the two ball multiball very entertaining and manageable
The Mystery multiball is insane
Homer mode when your in multiball with all the “Doh”s going on is hilarious
Alien invasion is fantastic
Man there is so many things to get involved in if you can progress the game
BUT if your just a shooter like my wife going for whatever it’s also a blast
The music for the hurry ups becomes annoying
If you like the Simpsons at all or at anytime have you will love this game
Color dmd really makes the game look stupid good

Great game WAAAY better then I ever thought it would be
3 years ago
I got this without ever playing it
Definitely fun
Nothing hard to figure out but it’s fun
I think the artwork is beautiful and the theme is great
Got a color dmd and it really adds to the game visually
It’s weird hard to “rate” this game
Simple but lots of fun keeps me playing it
I would recommend to anyone
This is a keeper undervalued game like the nuances of the rules
A classic!
3 years ago
What’s to say that already hasn’t been said
Can’t believe I missed on this one for so long
Killer game to me the best game released in the last 5 or 6 years
3 years ago
What’s to say that hasn’t been said
Killer game
If all you know is new games then this game would seem like there is nothing there
But there is ALOT here
A classic for sure
Had one,sold it,thought was to simple
Got another and realized what I had missed
Pure fun Monster Slide all day ohhh yeah!!
Also,anybody trashing this game just doesn’t like pinball in general or overall,they like satisfaction for themselves and are purely driven by having the best and being right about something and flat out just don’t “get” Elvira or the style and how cool those two finger puppets are
Better than SS forget the new one gotta have this one classic
3 years ago
Less score for the unfinished code though I like where it’s going.Undeniably one of the best looking pins ever
Sound and lighting is fantastic esp the zap lightning strikes
Love the lower playfield
Super fun,great flow,makes you laugh,has heartfelt moments,the clips are great

This game is amazing and super fun total winner for multi player games
Herman multiball easy to start but I like action out the gate and it’s a great multiball
Hard not to give this one a 10
With code it could get there

EDIT - seeing low scores for this game for the stupidest little things or someone that played it 5 times is laughable the game is bad ass why even take the time to trash it get a grip
3 years ago
A lot of buzz around this game more than I have ever seen
Lots of group think bashing on the code

Very nice shooter
Amazing light show and animations are great
Best looking pin in 20 years no doubt
Way better than Deadpool or Maiden my favorite since the release of Walking dead
Have the LE coming but wouldn’t kick the pro to the curb it’s actually pretty sweet
3 years ago
Simply fantastic.Amazing game holy smokes.
Can play for hours .
Love the theme,the shots are great.
Not deep but nice to not go mode hopping.
Stack the mutiballs bats and rats Dracula laugh on Coffin lock is sick!!!
My favorite pinball of the 90s
Simple ,beautiful,tough
30 Million!!!!
3 years ago
Passed on it long ago.Regretted it since then,then bit the bullet and paid what it takes to get a real nice one.
To me,DE’s crown jewel,if you like this sort of horror or the show you will love this pin.
Hard to judge cause I wanted it really bad,got it,and like always the shine comes off some but I will never part with the game .
It’s really a masterpiece because of the theme,Elfman music and the crypt keeper
Head in the basket skill shot scared my daughter

I agree with others that if it said Williams on it it would be a must have.To me it still is.

I give the art and theme 10 all day but I am a fan.
Basic rules/challenges,electric chair and the multi ball are a blast.

One of the best games ever made and definitely a “must have” horror pin along with Drac
4 years ago
Owned now for almost a year. The game is amazing very difficult to open the wizard modes and crossbow multiball.Just added the topper and art blades soon to add pin stadium lighting.The blood armor they have for it is nice as far as looks and mods this game has a lot going for it.
Was thinking on a Premium and they are bad ass but IMO so is the pro.
Super intense when things start to open and get going and after you have a great game and come THIS close to HORDE you know you will come back for more
A lot of nudging will help getting far into the game
To me the theme is top shelf and the "walker battle" really comes through in gameplay

I like it so much that the only thing I would think could top it is the premium edition of the game
Number 1 to me definitely a top 10
4 years ago
Opened the premium up 2 days ago
I am just blown away by the art/sound/use of the screen,movie clips
And oh ya,there is a game there too
Wish there was a magnet but other than that this
Is a beautiful fun game
So glad I didn't listen to the critics
"If this was any other theme the game would not be great " and so on but it IS Star Wars and it's wonderful
That's like saying "if this pineapple was a orange"
This game is fantastic you have to hear it while your playing can't wait for the topper to come out
The sdtm complaints are easily adjusted at home but I leave them I don't want the game spoon fed to me
I think it's awesome definitely one of the best pins ever but I am biased I love Star Wars
4 years ago
My first rating of any machine on the first
Pin I ever wanted.Finally picked up a beautiful one after going back and forth on the purchase because of reviews and my own feelings on the game when I would see one out in the wild
I have loved this game as a teen because I loved the comic.
Now after buying it i have realized that
this game is dope.i don't understand the hate it gets
The fun factor is there and it's a great game for the price unlike The Creature which is double.
Just started playing yesterday but right now I am not seeing any faults except maybe if the theme were a LITTLE more integrated and the rules a little deeper? I don't know Dredd is hella fun and the art is badass