My first new pinball machine

By SpaceGhost72

February 13, 2020

14 days ago

This story starts on Monday February 10th 2020. I take my very nice who dunnit pinball machine up to Chicago to great American pinball to see Mike. We exchanged pleasantries and hobbies basically just shoot the shit find out we have a lot in common, great guy. I buy an Alice Cooper pinball machine. I exchanged the who dunnit and cash for the remaining balance. My brother and I hit the road and head back into town. We get back at about 8:30. I attempted  an unboxing video with an epic fail but seeing the Alice Cooper pinball machine and I'm happy as a fat boy at a all you can eat buffet. I'm going to do is I'm going to upload some videos feel free watch me explained everything because I'm still very frustrated and I know they say you know when you get a pinball machine you got expect to work on them but a brand new one right out of the box just irritates me to death, so here's my videos.

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