My first new pinball machine

By SpaceGhost72

February 13, 2020

14 days ago

Here's a little short story about me.I bought my first three pinball machines from Gene Cunningham. I only have one of those pinball machines left which is my Spider-Man. I was able to afford to get a new pinball machine. My very first one and I was really excited and I've had nothing but trouble so far, I mean not major trouble but annoying you know. I made some videos on YouTube because I don't like to talk and type. I just rather show you on a video because it's more personal I think. You can go to my YouTube channel which is Tim Cavallo or you can just type in spooky pinball part 3 and 4 you don't need to watch the unboxing or anything like that not unless you want to see an epic fail but that'll tell you my story, thank you.

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