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5 years ago
Had it, sold it - haven't missed it. Beautiful game in every way - great theme, good flow, funny, but simply boring after a bit - it just seems to be missing that something to put it out of the ballpark...and that's something you only realize after owning it for a bit...first impressions with this pin are HUGE....
5 years ago
Ratings with new 4.00 ROMs. Had an HEP AFM, sold it - took the cash put a lot in the bank and the rest I bought TFTC...frankly - I like it every bit as much as AFM. Recently put a ColorDMD in it - looks fantastic. Frankly one of the better pins I've owned. Any pin has its shortcomings - but its right there other A-list pins. For those that complain about the sounds (like the cackling)- just stop...the new code fixed nearly all the software issues with the pin back in the fall of 2015 - so if the TFTC you played/are playing doesn't have the newer ROM's - don't leave a review - its just not the same experience. Same commentary for DE 'clunkiness" - spend some time with it and you can get it dialed in quiet well....for starters, take out the stock power supply board and replace it with an Xpin and then NVRAM the MPU, LED the playfield and put in a ColorDMD - you'll have no trouble with it again....