Pinball: The New TV.

By snyper2099

August 22, 2016

5 years ago

Go here for machine pricing averages:

Go here for general machine info:

Go here for machine repair info:

Go here for general parts:

Go here for vid's (Pinside member) TECH guides for everything pinball:

I currently have about 30 pinball machines in my collection.

A group of us in Cincinnati started the Cincinnati Pinball League in 2012.  We meet once a month.

I play pinball 3-4 times a week for a few hours at a time.  While most humans are watching whatever program happens to be playing on their television.

I usually have pins for sale.  Check the marketplace ads.  I do not ship machines and I never will.

I attend the Chicago Pinball EXPO, The Louisville Arcade Expo, The [Akron] Ohio Pinball Show, Pincinnati, Replay FX, and the Midwest Gaming Classic shows regularly.  I also attend the Pinburgh and PAPA world championship tournaments.

I have collected video games, arcades games, and pinball machines for over 20 years.

I can answer and likely suggest a solution for just about any technical problem you may have with a pinball or arcade machine.

I don't collect one specific generation or era of pins.  I try to diversify among manufatures and board generations.  Nearly every pinball manufaturer created at least one great pinball at some point in time!

Most games I collect are from 1975-1993.

I own 3 EM pins and about 26 SS pins.

I own 3 modern Sterns and 3 classic Stern pins.

I own about 10 arcade machines.

Pin longest in collection: High Speed

Most recent pin acquisition: Wild Fyre

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4 years ago

Sounds like a really rad lineup, hopefully I'll get to check it out someday.

5 months ago

I'm out of Indy. Cincy isn't to far away. Do you know of anyone who does a descent powder coating for side rails and lock bars?

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