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8 years ago
It's funny, some of these Gottlieb's from the late 80's I really enjoy, and would like time on some more titles. This game is actually a lot of fun. Maybe even a guilty pleasure for me so to speak. Has some cool toys on the playfield for the year. The Auger and spotlight are whip ass during multi-ball. It's great, when multi-ball starts you have a ball locked on the auger back in the left corner. The whole playfield goes black except for the spotlight searching back and forth, and as soon as the lights turn back on, the auger has already spit the ball onto the left side ramp and it's at your left flipper right as the lights turn on! I've played it a bunch and it still catches me off guard from time to time. Simple rules, just hit switches and work the multiplies. I actually like the artwork, and the sounds make me laugh. "This joint can't hold me."
9 years ago
This game is just not quite my style. I'm not a fan AT ALL of the art. It's loud and well... I'll just leave it at loud. I like the placement of the DMD. The florescent tube ramp is pretty cool. I'm always a fan of bashing things that pop up from under the playfield (ringmaster). I can't stand the big round ball toy thing on the playfield. That toy just feels so weak to me. Video modes are also very weak. This is just one of those games I can't get into.
9 years ago
Wow! This game really surprised me. Really fast! Oooooooooo wire forms!
9 years ago
Johnny's a fun game. Great bang for your buck machine. Has a great wizard mode, and I think it's really cool the more power items you collect the more time Power Down last (the wizard mode). I love the glove. Once you replace the X and Y nuts it should work great. The video mode on the other hand SUCKS! Might be my least favorite in pinball. The cabinet... Well just plain sucks, and the translight is not much better. The playfield art is well unique. I actually really like some of the goofy sounds, such as "double cheese, anchovies!", "beer opener!", "Pinball is dangerous!", and "don't be a zombie play pinball!" The video frames are also another cool touch. My main gripe is the scoring on this machine. It's all about the damn spinner millions. I had games where I got to Powerdown, but screwed the ball that had the spinner millions going, and I didn't even sniff my high scores. Opposite of that, I had games that I was no where near Powerdown and they are my personal high scores. That really kinda annoys me, and is one of the reason I sold mine.
9 years ago
Damn good game. It's rules are simple, but has great strategy. I actually kinda like the artwork. The dalex sounds kick ass IMO. Has a solid video mode. I love the looping ramp, especially when you can get the sonic booms! I hate the damn Master laughing at me when I drain a ball though. Give it a play if you haven't had the chance.
9 years ago
IMHO this is one of the best looking machines out there, especially with laseriffics "R" rated topper installed. Game is fairly dense rule set, but has a good strategy you can work. I really like when you can get whirlpool jackpots, watching it fly down the long ass ramp and whirl and whirl is really awesome. Has great sounds and music. I love the video mode, one of my favorite in pinball. I do really enjoy playing me some Creech.
9 years ago
Really fun game, most likely it will punish your ass! This pin can be mean (a drain monster) especially with the lightning flippers. Another game thats fun too loop on. I really like games with wicked ramp action. I love shooting at werewolves in the video mode. Mist multi-ball is one of the coolest effects in pinball IMO. Stacking all three multi-balls is really fun, and I love hearing "TTTHHHIRRRTY MMMIIILLIONNN". No modes is one of my biggest knocks, I'm also not a huge fan of the look of the machine.
9 years ago
I spent a lot of quarters and time that I should of been working rocking this machine back in the day.T-rex eating your ball enough said!
9 years ago
Fun pitch and bat, but can get boring fast by yourself even with a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card somewhere inside. But, in a arcade with a few people or if you have one in your game room, when people come over this is a lot of fun to play.
9 years ago
My personal favorite machine of all time. It's like an adventure every time you play. I'm a huge LOTR geek anyway, so that factors in for sure. But man, I love the art, sound, light shows, playfield layout, well I guess I love about everything on this machine. So much to do and learn. This and TSPP to me have the biggest learning curves. The rules are deep and so well written. Keith Johnson's the man! So many satisfying shots to hit. I won't go into too much detail, or I'll write a damn novel! To me the highest climax moments are, completing any of the three movie multi-balls and hitting their respective super jackpot and getting to the victory laps. Starting all 5 modes, then collecting 3 elf rings, shooting back into the ring and starting TABA. Starting all three movie multi-balls and getting to destroy the ring. Man, the machine goes ape shit if you can destroy it. I haven't reach Valinor yet, you have to COMPLETE all three movie multi-balls, start all modes including TABA, have collected all gifts from the Elves, then once all that is done destroy the ring. It's one of the hardest wizard balls to reach in pinball.
9 years ago
Not much to say, much like Gorgar. But Its the first talking pinball machine, so I'll give it some love.
9 years ago
Game gets a lot of hate, but I enjoy it. Now, I grew up on the TMNT cartoons, movies, video games, and comics, so it only made since this was my first pinball machine. This game will humble you. Game is wicked fast when set proper. Most people that come to my house just can't stand it because of how mean and unforgiving it is. Of coarse me being a TMNT fan a think the artwork rules, especially April on the translight, yummy. Pretty simple ruleset but the 10 million point sewer shot is very satisfying and not easy to hit. The spinning pizza is always cool, and the sewer subway shot is always fun to hit. "I LOVE BEING A TURTLE!"
9 years ago
Jeez do the sounds get annoying with this game fast. After about two week of owning this machine I was about to hang that damn Gunther (the gopher topper). Games is fun for all ages, I will say. I only considered keeping mine for my non-pinball friends and kids. It does have some fun shots, but it's all about that coconut captive ball bonus. That's the only shot you really need to worry about, unless you play with the settings. If you can reach "It's raining cats and dogs" (18 holes) or "anything goes" (27 holes) they are a fun multi-ball to get to. Shooting holes in one up the middle is a hard shot to get also. Also I'm just not really a fan of the Gottlieb system 3 gameplay "feel". I will also say these machine (Gottlieb system 3's) are built like tanks and are easier to work on than other systems of that era. This just wasn't a keeper for me at all.