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4 months ago
This game is underrated. Granted, the code is not the best, but it has improved. The art is great, the mini playfield is simply awesome, always makes me sad when I run out of time. Right ramp is cool, and both are smooth as butter. The herman magnet can be brutal, as well. Honestly, the game may be simplistic, but it's still challenging and fun.
8 months ago
JP Premium is an amazing game, easily one of my favorites. I love the premium especially for the art which is awesome. Of course, the "o" shot is tight, and annoying when you can't hit it. The game can be brutal, but is really fun. The raptor is awesome, the lock is much better on Premium and LE. T-rex, obviously is a cool mech, gotta love that guy. Love the left outlane animation!
1 year ago
Well, I'm not the most skilled pinball player but I think I can say that this game plays fast and tough. I think I can also say that this is a really fun game. Of the three Black Knight games, I think that this is my favorite.
The thing that annoys me is that the Pro model does not have an upper playfield, which is stupid because the ones that came before it did. I think Stern probably did that for two reasons:
1. Because it's cheaper to only have upper PFs on two of the three models.
2. Because they didn't have enough extra features to make a significant difference between the Pro and the LE & Premium.
Anyway, the first thing I notice about this game is the overall colors: red, orange, and black. If you do not like those color combinations, you should not play this game.
The second thing I notice is the upper PF. There is basically two things you do up there: get your skillshot at the beginning of your ball, and get catapult multiball. There is also a loop up there, but it's not very important in my opinion. One problem with the upper PF is that the ball tends to get stuck behind the flipper and is difficult to free without a tilt warning. Also, this may just be me, but I find it surprisingly difficult to hit the lock shot.
Okay, moving on. On the normal PF, not much has changed. There's a drop target in front of of the far left shot and the center ramp...sorry, ahem the ONLY ramp...goes to the upper PF.
As for the magna's okay, but is not the strongest or most reliable, and I can't even manage to relight it (I assume that's possible).
Lastly, the music and animations are the strongest point on this game in my opinion. I love the black knight music and the animations...are just really cool.
So, nice job Stern, keep up the good work!
2 years ago
ugh. kinda boring.
2 years ago
Although it is not one of the most fun games ever, it is a sentimental favorite of mine as it was the first pinball machine I ever played.
As for the game layout, it's kinda like all EM games: lanes at the top, pops, drains, bumpers, and flippers. Not super original. The only thing that makes it cool is the horseshoe in the middle.
So, yeah, that's pretty much what I've got to say.
2 years ago
So. Fun. Great game!
2 years ago
One of my favorite games!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Really fun and cool game! I enjoyed the TV screen and shooting balls into groot's mouth! The ramps are also very satisfying to hit. It's a good theme and stern did a good job on it!
2 years ago
Personally, I think this is a hard game. While it is cool to have the screen on the playfield but it is also kind of distracting. Still, it's a good game.
2 years ago
This is one of my favorite games! I feel like the game is easy to play but hard to master. Fairly easy to get a multiball and stroke of luck is awesome. Very active playfield and great theme!
2 years ago
i never expected to like this game...but i did and i do! great theme,too! love how there are so many multiballs!:)
2 years ago
I haven't played this game much but as I put in the quarters I knew I was going to love this game. this game is really great!
2 years ago
I think I would enjoy this game more if I hadn't played it over 100 times. For what it is I'd say it's a pretty good game but not my favorite.
2 years ago
it's a cool theme and i like the game. the only thing i don't like about it is the electric plunger. it sort of defeats the point of skill shots. over all this is a good game i would recommend.
2 years ago
this is a decent game in my opinion.i can't say it's one of my favorites but it is fun.also kinda unforgiving. the music also gets a bit annoying.