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3 years ago
This is the only post-1998 pin that I enjoy. It's an absolute beauty, particularly in terms of the sound and music. I don't expect to ever own it just because of the price, but it's on my wishlist anyway!
3 years ago
Expected much more from this game. The layout is overburdened, and the theme seems wasted. The rules aren't as clear as they should be, and it definitely takes quite a while to get the hang of the game with the amount of ramps and rails this game has. I also don't like the talking heads, they look terrible. Overall I'm not a big Road Show enthusiast.
4 years ago

- very colourful game with wonderful toys
- some great shots, it's a game that really gets the player involved
- the colouring of the playfield does an amazing job of keeping in the theme of the game
- tonnes of modding potential


- this is quite a general remark, but I feel like they could have done much better with this theme (perhaps skewing towards something like Gottlieb's Class of 1812)
- the back of the playfield is PACKED, a problem for me since I like to have the ball in sight for as long as possible
- minor point, but I'm not a fan of the cabinet artwork
6 years ago
A wonderful game that doesn't fail to take you on a rafting adventure. Definitely one of my favourites!

- superb artwork
- a very adventurous game that takes you down a water run that you'll definitely enjoy
- amazing playfield layout, particularly the upper playfield with the 3rd flipper
- lots of ramps
- beautiful toys and gimmicks, especially the decorative rocks
- pop bumpers are made to replicate a rocky obstacle
- lots of great, but easy, shots to make

- my only beef with this game is the sound, tune could be better, so could the quality
6 years ago
A game that never fails to put a smile on my face, despite the fact that it isn't, in my opinion, one of the greatest pins out there.

- relaxing main tune
- 3 flippers
- great representation of the golf theme
- interesting ramp flap lifting mechanism, adds a nice bit of variation to the game
- colourful playfield
- rules are simple enough

- not a fan of the ramps on this game
- lack of habitrails
- cabinet artwork is a disaster
- serious lack of toys and gimmicks
- pop bumpers in this game seem quite redundant
6 years ago
Overall a good machine, which definitely represents the movie well.

- nice combination of habitrails and ramps
- pop bumper multipliers
- pop bumpers exposed, nicely visible
- outlane saver is a great addition
- interesting slingshot plastics
- great speech from the movie
- Terminator head is a fantastic element of the playfield

- playfield too simple, not a fan of the artwork
- cabinet artwork could be improved
- overall lack of toys and gimmicks
- only 2 flippers, game could be more interesting with 3 (4 is a bit of overkill on a non-widebody pin)
6 years ago
A simple and fun game, worth having in every collection.

- goes around cheap
- enjoyable game with simple rules and a relaxing theme
- mini playfield
- cross-habitrails add a great pace to the game allowing you to manouver around between the flippers
- nicely decorated playfield
- digital pinball mode
- the two giant fish :D
- great, innovative plunger that matches the theme

- cabinet artwork and backglass slightly disappointing
- too simple
- lack of toys
- haven't seen a great deal of mods for this game
6 years ago
A fine game that replicates the movie well, but fails to provide anything unique into the domain of pinball.

- nice speech from the movie ("I am... Dracula")
- interesting habitrails
- multiball easy enough to get
- simple rules, you get the hang of the game quickly

- playfield artwork is a tragedy
- backglass artwork could have been better
- cabinet artwork has nothing exceptional
- abundance of lightning inserts...
- overall lack of toys
- haven't seen a lot of mods for this game
6 years ago
A very good game that will definitely entertain. In my opinion, however, it fails to beat its predecessor, the 1989 Bally Elvira and the Party Monsters.

- goes off as a DMD version of Elvira and the Party Monsters (it missed out on the dot matrix display)
- replicates the theme of the original Elvira pinball game well
- shots are simple, playfield layout good
- well decorated playfield, in my opinion the "boney" flippers, the skeleton ramp and the coffin are all great additions to the game that really bring out the creepy theme
- one great asset of the game is the fact that the ramp layout is identical to the original Elvira and the Party Monsters ramp layout, the predecessor echoes whilst playing
- Elvira (she's hot!)
- nice modding capabilities
- the Boogeymen!!!
- enjoyable modes to get through
- backbox animation!

- cabinet artwork is terrible
- upper playfield plastics are disappointing
- the blue is a bit of an irritating addition; a strange addition to the colour palette used in this game as well as the original Elvira and the Party Monsters (where there barely was any blue)
- pop bumpers hidden
6 years ago
An enjoyable game that is a definite must-have for any Indiana Jones freaks out there!

- the jungle-decorated plastics are a personal favourite, which I felt needed their own pro
- the pin really brings out the movie franchise during gameplay
- wonderful artwork (aftorementioned plastics plus the stunning playfield)
- widebody pin (you just seem to get a bit extra, right?)
- lots of modding potential
- innovative shooter lane solution
- easy targets, simple shots

- personally, I always found the multiball mode harder to get than in most games I've played
- cabinet artwork matches the theme in the franchise (font, colours, etc.) but just seems a bit unfullfilling for a pinball game
- translite artwork is a definite nope from me
- the gun plunger is quite a strange addition to the game seeing how Indiana Jones mostly engaged in hand-to-hand combat or used his whip, but fair enough
6 years ago
One of my favourite pinball games with a great theme and a sublime execution of that theme on the playfield.

- absolutely brilliant artwork on the playfield
- toys that really help to put you in the Wild West
- lots of different game modes, I particularly enjoyed the gunfight
- easy shots, you'll know your way around the playfield quickly
- lots of ramps
- the train
- great backboard art

- no habitrail
- only 2 pop bumpers
- some speech very dodgy, I could swear that Eric Cartman from Southpark is featured in the game
6 years ago
A playable game that fails to stand out in any particular way, with a very unenjoyable theme.

- spinning head of The Machine is an interesting feature
- easy shots, definitely doesn't take that much skill to play
- habitrail shooter lane
- nice swerving ramp
- Small Loop gives easy access to bonuses

- pop bumpers are genuinely hidden
- moaning of The Machine can get very irritating
- poor theme
- no great game elements on the lower part of the playfield
- lack of toys
6 years ago
A game that definitely provides a great deal of fun. It's very strange not to see it in the Top 100 list...

- fantastic toys
- colour composition is dazzling; the playfield artwork is a real Bally work of art
- surprise multiball
- enjoyable theme ("Let's party again, dude!")
- wonderful swirling ramps
- flipper-choice elements provide a nice variation to the gameplay

- shooter lane could be a bit more interesting
- game gets a bit hectic, it's a really fast-flowing game (much like a party, though)
- animations could be a bit better considering that this is a DMD game
- quite a let down that the pop bumpers are hidden, personally I like being able to see the ball whizz between them
6 years ago
This pin definitely deserves a place in the Top 10, no wonder since it is THE best selling pinball in the history of pinball machines, earning itself a Special Collectors Edition (TAF Gold).

- amazing gameplay, tour the Addams Family mansion, meet the family, basically enjoy your time with them
- 5 pop bumpers!
- 4 flippers
- the layout is perfect; I particularly enjoy the positioning of the pop bumpers in the lower part of the playfield where they're more visible (Lawlor used the same concept in Twilight Zone)
- lots and lots and lots, and I mean LOTS, of modding potential
- in my opinion, the pin that revolutionised modern pinball games
- Thing flips
- Thing's box
- great multiballs
- The Power is a great variation to gameplay
- lots of cheeky skillshots and holes
- great artwork and sound
- potential to upgrade your TAF into the Gold version (new chip, powdercoat these metal elements and you're good to go!)

- sat there for almost 10 minutes thinking of what I should put here and, honestly, I have no clue... perhaps some people may consider The Power annoying, it can fling your ball into the drain hole
6 years ago
A game with quite a lot of potential that had not been used, although for an early alphanumeric it's decent.

- 5 flippers
- extra upper playfield
- some nice artwork on the playfield and backglass
- simple layout, easy to figure your way round the game

- nothing particularly interesting in the game
- alphanumeric (don't fancy them)
- colour schemes on the playfield are a bit dodgy; the genie cloud is wonderful, looks a lot like the lamp trail cloud on TOTAN, but the dominant yellow comes at odds with the theme, overall lack of colour variation
6 years ago
A mediocre machine. Although it's not a bad game it also doesn't stand out with anything particularly interesting.

- 3 flippers
- some interesting shots
- nice toys, particularly the "Easter Island head"
- the biggest pro of this game is the artwork, in my opinion
- overall enjoyable, but fails to dazzle

- strange rules
- little modding potential
- the "talking head" at the end of the score count is annoying
6 years ago
I'd say this game is more complicated than Twilight Zone...

- a lot to do; there are missions, skill shots, a lot to keep a player busy
- lots of ramps and habitrails
- an even greater amount of skillshots, holes, loops
- the probe launching devices are absolutely stunning
- widebody (I'm a fan of WB games)
- themed on a great series
- great DMD animations
- the Asteroid Field mission!

- too complicated; the complexity of this machine can be interpreted by players as a pro or a con, for me it's the latter
- the playfield artwork could be improved, I don't like it
- sound variation could have been better
6 years ago
Modelled around a very attractive theme, FunHouse is an enjoyable game with a slightly befuddling ruleset.

- the artwork is great, playfield and backbox
- Rudy is a very interesting pinball toy
- second plunger adds a bit of the new to a pinball game
- 3 flippers
- the clock on the playfield is a very well sought out concept for this game

- rules are a bit hard to get by, took some time to figure the game out
- lack of toys, Rudy dominates the playfield
- alphanumeric (possibly one of the last alphanumeric pins made by Williams in 1990), would love to see this one on a DMD
- Rudy shot only accessible through the third flipper; it's an okay idea, but it's really hard to get the shot in, you focus too much on getting the loop to the third flipper, etc.
6 years ago
For an early alphanumeric game, Black Hole is a really simple and yet good game (the only Gottlieb I can say so for).

- 6 flippers!!!!
- easy, but great shots
- second playfield is wonderful (reversed angle!!)
- "No one escapes the Black Hole", somehow love that line
- really gives off that space-theme
- personally, I love the artwork on this game, truly a work of art

- there's not much going on on the playfield (easy shots, lots of empty space)
- not much lighting
6 years ago
Overall I'd say this is a very good machine, that definitely earned itself a place in the Top 50 pins.

- the 3D hologram, it's just amazing
- the ramps... all the ramps!
- toys and beautiful decorations fill the playfield
- fun; I can't really elaborate on this one, it's just really fun to play
- splendid artwork, colour composition is dazzling (lots and lots and lots of colours)

- for some players, the overabundance of toys and decorations may be distracting (they really do cover up a lot of the playfield); it's a pro for me, but I'd like to be as objective as I can
- not much modding potential since the playfield is almost entirely PACKED
- the hologram can be a pain to replace if it gets broken or destroyed ($400, which could be invested into a new ColorDMD, etc.)
6 years ago
Even though as a pinball game the Phantom of the Opera fails to meet my expectations (me being a HUGE fan of Lloyd Weber's musical), it is still a highly enjoyable game to play.

- first is the most important pro; Christine is freaking hot!!!
- the game does succeed in bringing about the theme of the musical on which it is based
- artwork is marvellous (Christine is hot!!!)
- you really do get a sense of being in the Opera Garnier
- Christine is smoking hot!!!!

- Christine is blonde (she wasn't in the musical, don't know about the original book)
- the sound is ANNOYING!
>- the main theme is missing. I'm not sure whether this is because Data East wanted to make something new or whether they didn't get the license from Lloyd Weber, but it's missing god damnit!
>- the annoying piano trills when you hit the pop bumpers...
>- the random scream accompanied by what sounds like a 5-year old smashing randomly on an organ keyboard
- it's a Data East (not a proper con, just more of a personal grudge against DE pins)
- rules could have been improved
- Christine is ho... oh wait, these are cons
6 years ago
Although this game comes from my favourite pinball designer, John Popadiuk, it doesn't really satisfy me to the extent that games such as Tales of the Arabian Nights and Theatre of Magic do. Still enjoyable, my opinion is naturally subjective (that's what an opinion is, right?).

- very colourful, classic JPop design
- lots of new playfield toys and gimmicks that you'll definitely love

- the biggest issue I have with this game is the DMD at the back of the playfield; although it is an innovation, I think it is a bad one seeing how we're all used to the DMD being on the backbox (some say that it's more ergonomic since you don't have to look up all the time - I say bollocks!)
- may seem a little bit of an eccentric game, even for JPop (the Ringmaster, enough said)
- links to the DMD problem; backglass is huge, really looks weird next to your other modern pins
6 years ago
A fabulous machine, always fun to play, hardly ever gets boring. Makes you want to top your highscore each time!

- fantastic theme, especially for all you "War of the Worlds"/"Independence Day" freaks
- nice toys on the playfield
- something I particularly enjoy about the game is the colour composition - playfield, cabinet and backbox (including translite) match up nicely
- simple ruleset, easy to get the hang of the game after only a few plays
- much better than it's successor (Revenge from Mars)
- lots of modding potential

- my only beef with this game is the point system; similar to other later Bally games (made by Williams) the game has an outrageously high scoring system, which just makes it seem a bit too easy, particularly if you're used to playing slightly older Williams games where the points would be less hectic
6 years ago
Overall a great pin, but there's no point in blowing stacks more to get the Gold Version as the regular Addams Family can be easily modded into a Gold SCE.
6 years ago
A pin that everyone will enjoy. One of only two alphanumeric pins that I enjoy.

- nice toys
- spooky theme represented well
- obviously a good pin if it got its sequel pin
- few larger free spaces provide additional modding potential
- easy play, simple rules

- sound quality, albeit still not bad considering release date
- tough maintenance
- alphanumeric display
6 years ago
Definitely a must-have for any fan of the original series!

- lots of references to old Twilight Zone episodes (keeps with the theme)
- some really freaky mechanisms (this game is insane!)
- powerball
- Battle the Power
- comfortable skillshot
- 4 flippers
- lots of modding potential

- repetitive main tune (can get really annoying sometimes)
- the Rod-Serling-wannabe can get on your nerves
- cabinet art could be more interesting
- some of the target shot sounds are poor
- jet bumper layout can be a niusance for some players
6 years ago
This is one of those quality games you just want to play over and over again. It is my second favourite JPop game (after Tales of the Arabian Nights) and it definitely deserves a place in the Top 100.

- effective matching of the game itself (toys, sounds, modes) to the theme
- incredible artwork, really gives off the Theatre of Magic theme
- fantastic lightshow, ramps light up to indicate which one is the skill shot
- easy to learn
- outstanding playability, you can play for hours and hours
- game is full of surprises, just like a genuine magic show
- fabulous toys (particularly the trunk)
- lots of extra balls

- annoying multiball
- too many trapdoor shots
- lady's voice can get you on edge sometimes
6 years ago
A wonderful game that really deserves the #1 rank it's on.

- high playability; there's a lot to do in the game for experts and novices alike (experts have all the modes to complete and defeat Payne, novices can still have a good time destroying the castle and rescuing the damsel)
- wonderful artwork, both on the playfield and the cabinet, fits the theme of the game well
- DMD animations are stunnings, one of the better ones I've seen in pinball games
- autoplunger, although many people prefer the traditional plunger I think the autoplunger gives the game something different, something unique
- the castle, enough said
- "I am Merlin wise and old, listen up to what you're told" and generally the vocals in the game add a lot of enjoyment

- the main melody can get a bit annoying as it keeps playing throughout the gameplay (had a nightmare that featured the tune once...)
- the price...
- trolls; I'm probably going to get hated for this, but I find the trolls very annoying
6 years ago
This is definitely my favourite pinball game.

- beautiful artwork
- excellent theme choice, the aforementioned artwork really brings out the magic of the tales of the Arabian nights
- good playability, each tale puts you on a mission that blends fantastically with the overall theme of the game, and they don't get boring
- great game for both experts and novices; experts will complete the tales and rescue the princess; novices will still have a lot of fun spinning the lamp and getting multiballs (easy multiball on TOTAN)
- wonderful toys (in my opinion the genie is one of the best toys on a pinball game, second only to the gumball machine on Twilight Zone)
- remarkable illumination and colours, really help to bring the motive of the game out

- some sounds could be better (slingshot sword-clash sound annoys me)
- some issues with the ball (although this does depend a lot on the angle of the game), can fall off ramps and get thrown around the playfield (i.e. shooting stars throwing the ball up)
- despite having wonderful toys, the game could have a few more toys
- "silver" legs, siderails and lockdown bar, looks much better in "gold"