Mandatory Title Field

By smsteve

January 29, 2017

5 years ago

Born in '64, I started playing pinball around age five on a "Bronco" (Chicago Coin, 1963).  It was located in a neighbor's house across the street, and in a basement filled with toys and other diversions it was almost always top pick.  In the late seventies I was occasionally able  to rack up credits for resale at a local shopping mall.  Loved Gotliebs of the early eighties, especially Haunted House (Tocata and Fugue in D-minor).  Fell out of it for a decade, then found DMD machines over pizza and beer in the nineties.  Bought my first machine in 2002, a TZ I reimported from Austria.  Bought my second, a Whirlwind, in 2015, and am actively expanding my collection now.

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