Lifetime Bad Pinball Player

By smollig

June 12, 2021

46 days ago

I've always loved pinball. My first regular game was in a friend's basement when I was in 5th grade. It was a circus theme EM machine with a bunch of drop targets in the center. I have been unable identify it (not for lack of trying). 

I played almost every day in college. The student union at NDSU had pool tables and an arcade.  That was my after dinner haunt. The games I recall were Firepower, Black Knight, and Split Second. I also put time on Mrs. Pac Man, Galaga, and Tempest.

Since then I would drop a quarter in most machines I would come across. But didn't seek out a game. Until recently that is. For some reason the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic rekindled my love for pins. Of course I couldn't play other than pinball fx on my ps4. But i discovered pinside and am now about to purchase my first home pin. Still trying to decide what to get. But I am certain pinball will make a great retirement hobby.

You would think with that much experience playing I'd be pretty good. I'm not. But I love to play. See you at Blainbrook or SS Billiards. I'm the one constantly pressing start game.

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41 days ago

Nice story. The EM machine in your friend's basement sounds like Jack in the Box maybe?

36 days ago

^^The EM machine in your friend's basement sounds like Jack in the Box

Thanks @sliprose! That's exactly the one. I hate to admit how much time I wasted trying to find that...

34 days ago

You don't have to be an expert to have a amazingly fun time. At least that's what I tell the little ones.

17 days ago

Pinball,golf and sex are things you don’t have to be good at to enjoy. I know!

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