attracted from the start

By smognote

May 10, 2017

4 years ago

born in yonkers ny in 73,  i would always go with my older brothers to the arcade called adventures.  the big thing in the early 80's seemed to be video arcade games and i can't lie, i was in to them too.  but, everytime we went, the first place i always gravitated to was the row of about 4 to 6 pinball machines.  like towering giants to a 7 to 8 year old kid.  i was not good but was so amazed at that silver ball flying around.  i remember playing playboy,  an adult game, i had to try it.  all the other games had such cool back glass art, how could you not want to put your money in them.  fast forward, i now have 4 pins and would like to own 6 [ all i have room for].  what i have come to learn about this hobby as the most important thing, is not having the space for pins or the money [ as there are older pins one can get cheap or learn how to fix],  it is having an understanding wife that respects your hobbies!!

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3 years ago

she better respect your hobbies ...who would you get rid of first your 4 pins or your wife!!!!! tough decision

3 years ago

thats a tough one. now if it is between my wife and my record collection, she's out the door

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