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By smiley

December 05, 2014

5 years ago

When I was a young boy every corner store, pool hall and bowling alley had pins. In the seventies there were many arcades with a mix of pins and video games. My love was always pinball. There were still a few nickel machines but a dime or quarter could buy a lot of candy or up to three games. I usually choose pinball. In 1999 I decided it would be fun to have a game at home. I found a 1970 Gottlieb Baseball and a 1979 Gottlieb Pinball Pool at a local operators store. I was happy with them for a few years and then got the urge to have another. The same operator had an Eight Ball Deluxe. I soon after came upon a Demolition Man for sale in a local paper. I did not really like the newer multiball games at that time but thought my son would enjoy it. He did, but so did I. I was on the way to many more pins and a ton of fun. I am up to 20 and have sold some of the older games due to space. What a great hobby!

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