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6 months ago
I've played this on location enough times now that I feel I can give it a proper rating.

The first time I played it I was underwhelmed, it seemed so barren across the bottom part of the playfield. As I played more, I started liking the long shots, but the game just feels like it's missing something. It just seems like a mediocre effort.

The third flipper is way high up and making the shot to hit a standup target is the most unsatisfying third flipper shot I can think of. I played a number of times thinking my shot was rejected, but in reality I was making the shot and the ball just bounces back off the standup. The LE/Premium has this shot feeding a ramp and that would be a major improvement. It seems like this was an afterthought of how Stern could cheapen the Pro and get people to buy a Premium. Seriously, how much could the ramp pieces cost to manufacture? $30 is a generous estimate, even including the additional labor.

The zeppelin does nothing but sit there. The Icarus is not much of toy, just one of those things that bounces up when you hit it. A bit too many shot lights, I find it hard to figure out where I should be shooting and the inserts have some art on them that doesn't show up well when lit, it just looks like the insert is worn and dirty. I wish some of the standups were replaced with drop targets - that would be more satisfying than the 3 banks of standup targets.

The music is good. The multiballs are fun.

I would think even huge Led Zep fans would take pause before writing out a check. It really seems like Stern phoned this Pro in. Maybe the LE/Premium will be better, the third flipper ramp would be an improvement and the riser feature looks interesting, but I can't imagine the additional features being worth the additional price.

Is it a bad game? No, but it isn't one I would have in my collection.
9 months ago
This game isn't really my thing, but I do enjoy putting a few quarters in when I see it. Gameplay is fast and furious, with driving music and sounds that make the experience intense. The playfield is just a little too sparse for my liking. I appreciate the retro layout, but I feel like a ramp and some sort of toy/feature would make this game more appealing.
10 months ago
I think what I like most about the Walking Dead is the way the pacing changes while you play it. When the ball is bouncing around the pop bumpers, there is a lull and a sense of relaxation but when the ball drops to the flippers and the main playfield area, it's survival mode time. When the ball is back up to the pop bumpers, you can take a breath again. When you finally get into a groove and you are stacking multi-balls and points are racking up, it is so rewarding and feels great - you really feel like you have accomplished something. There are so many dangerous shots and the game can be really frustrating at times, but it keeps me hitting the start button because I know I can do better the next time (not always!) Not sure that the crossbow adds much, but it does give another opportunity to slow down for a few seconds. The code is deep enough to give depth, but easy enough to understand. The custom audio software really adds to the theme integration of the game, with some comments that make me laugh at times. Some people don't like the dark and dirty looking art package, but I think it fits the game really well. Because of quick ball times, this is one better played on free play - if you are making coin drops, you better have a big bag of quarters.
10 months ago
Fun is the best description I can think of for this game. I always have fun when I play it. There are tons of shots, tons of toys, good callouts, lots of multiballs and a layout that can flow or be more stop and go, depending how you play it. The artwork is great and when the castle collapses it's fun to watch the destruction. This game is often rated number one of all time and I can see the appeal, but like all pins - that's subjective. It is a mid-90s pin masterpiece, whether I consider it number one would depend on my mood and particular day - but I would think it would be towards the top for most. The code is not as deep as the modern games, but it is deep enough to keep interest. It is a great game for both casual players and those more advanced. I am stuck somewhere in the middle.
10 months ago
The game itself is okay, with the rules straight forward. The speech for its day I'm sure was groundbreaking, but hearing "quit talking and start chalking" over and over gets annoying. The other sounds effects are pretty poor. A slow game that requires planning shots, which I think is the big appeal of the game. If knocking down drop targets and making a couple other shots here and there is what you're looking for, this is a good pinball. I keep playing it because it's ranked relatively high, but, at least for me, I never have that much fun when I play it.
10 months ago
Fun game. I'm not a huge soccer fan but if you were, I'd think this game would be fantastic.

Shooting at the goals is fun, especially using the assist kickout to score - a very clever use of a kickout that never gets old. The spinning soccer ball doesn't add a ton, but when a shot goes flying off it into the goal it's good for a smile. The goalie going back and forth makes you time your shots to it in a manner that is unique to this game and is quite a challenge. Ramps are smooth and flow nicely.

There is a decent ruleset, like playing through the cities, but I'm not sure this game would get a lot of play in a small home collection. It would definitely earn a spot in a larger collection and is worth playing when seeing one on location.
10 months ago
Plenty of fun shots on this one and the theme integration is great. The callouts sometimes get a bit annoying, but if you're a Simpsons fan then this is the machine for you. Tons of toys scattered about, but they don't mess up the flow much. The lights and callouts make it pretty obvious what you need to be shooting for at any time. Not a fast shooter, but it's not exactly stop and go either.

Can't think of many games where a ball lock for a multiball carries over from game to game. It's always worth a look to see if there is a ball or two locked on the upper playfield when walking by, hard to pass up putting in quarters when there's already two balls locked for you at the start of a game.
10 months ago
Always a fun play. Ball times can be quite long, but never seem to drag on. The spinning spider on the backglass provides a nice break in play and isn't a distraction like some of the pins that require you to look up during a game. Ramp shots are smooth and the multiballs are easy to achieve. Callouts are fun. The game might get a bit repetitive for a small collection, but it is certainly worth putting quarters in when you see one. My fondness for the game is probably aided in that I love cheesy B-horror films - new and old, and that I remember those late night Elvira movie nights on TV.
11 months ago
I have only played this on location, but I love to play it when I see it. It took me a while to embrace the game because the theme is so cheesy, especially the cell phone part. After getting over the theme, I found that the game shoots really well, the toys are fun, and it has the right amount of challenge. I don't have all of the ruleset down, but it seems intuitive enough and the callouts keep me going in the right direction. This would be a good game to add to a collection, as there is a lot going on and lots of different objectives in the code. Dialed In is fun and hard to not keep putting quarters into it.