My grail....Haunted House

By slghokie

July 26, 2019

26 days ago

I distinctly remember playing Haunted House as a child. I remember the 3 levels and the sounds. I was a monster kid so the theme was perfect. When I got into pinball I knew I had to have this game. My buddy Brian and I go to the arcade/pin auctions near us. Jan 21, 2017 we were at an auction watching things being unloaded. A trailer came in and as soon as they opened the door I could see the unmistakable side art for Haunted House. I nudged Brian and told him. He knew it was my grail and that the auction just became way more interesting. The folks that brought it set it up and could get it to do attract but nothing else. They must  have worked on it 2 hours, but could not get it to start a game. The next day Jan 22, 2017 was the actual auction and they always do pins last. All day I looked it over and made my bid plan and got in front when they got close to Haunted House. My heart was beating so fast when the bidding started. There was a point in the process where I knew I was not gonna stop until I won. Thankfully it went for a reasonable price and my heart was bursting once I won it. It started to rain a little when we loaded it up and Brian had to calm me down when I freaked about rain on my grail. We drove it home and carried that widebody up to my bonus room and set it up. We too could only get it into attract mode. We opened it up and started looking. That’s when Brian said the now infamous words....."Scott, there is a disconnected wire here". It was under the lower playfield so you could not see it unless you listed it up or out. The wire colors matched. Brian twisted it together and we fired it attract.....then coin up.....then the sound started along with a game! I screamed and ran to tell my wife in my best Victor's ALIVE! Fist bump to Brian on that one. Everything else worked. It needed cleaning, rubbers, new ball...and there are spots to repaint and pops to rebuild. But it is a piece of my childhood that I can cherish and play again and again.

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8 days ago
My absolute favorite game as well. I just picked one up last week.
6 days ago
That art! Mysterious and eerily haunting. I too remember running to play this machine as a kid in a pinball arcade in Lake Geneva, Illinois in the mid 1980’s. The lower playfield was the coolest thing ever!

Congrats on your win!

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