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3 years ago
A classics solid state with an amazing and satisfying spinner shot.

If this game is set up properly it plays super fast for a classic solid state. I have super responsive pop bumbers and slings with the game set up steep. It is one one my fastest games when the ball starts shooting around keeping me on my toes. It is very challenging and one of my hardest games. This game requires nudging skills to prevents quick drains.

The lit spinner is one of my favourite shots and is key to racking up good scores. Collect your pool balls and multipliers to increase the bonus and enjoy one of my favourite end of ball bonus countdowns.

A fun and challenging old school game.
3 years ago
One of my favourite wizard modes in pinball.

I love Red Line Mania. The build up alone when you hit the shot to start the mode is so satisfying it keeps me coming back to this game.

The artwork is a little drab, and for skilled players the game might become a little repetitive, but the gameplay is excellent.

The music is basically one ZZ Top song, but it suits the game well. I put a Pinsound in this game and now it rocks.

A great game.
3 years ago
One of the best pinball machines I have ever played. I can't think of anything I don't like about it.

This is the first game that my daughter has really been into and she plays it all the time.

The rules are easy to understand and the objectives are fun to complete. The multiball modes are great to play and some are fairly easy to complete, but some are difficult adding some variety to the game.

Great artwork!

The humour is good in this game as well as I still crack a smile sometimes when playing and get Dracula or the Mummy.

A great family pin.
3 years ago
A fun game!

A great game for both beginners and veteran pinball players. All my guests love playing this game. The theme is not my favourite and the artwork isn't great, but once you get past those two issues, the game itself is really fun to play. The rules are easy to follow, but are challenging enough to keep you interested. There are lots of gameplay adjustments that can be done to increase the challenge if desired.

I highly recommend this pin as a first pin and for families.

This is the game that got my wife into pinball.
3 years ago
A great old school solid state with one of the funnest spinner shots around. There are also drop targets and stand up targets along the sides. I have a hard time walking away from this game.

Switching to 5 ball adds more of a challenge as you then have to complete the drop targets once to light the spinners. Properly adjusted spinners make this game one of my favourites.

Great artwork and colours make this an awesome machine for a game room.
3 years ago

Theme, callouts, art, humour, design, plenty of multiballs, family friendly, easy for new players to enjoy, plenty of good shots, fun


None that I have come across yet.

Some people have described it as clunky or too easy without deep rules, but none of this applies to my experiences.

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