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11 days ago
I thought the pro was amazing! This is over the top! Pro=A, LE and assume the premium =A+! This pin will go down as one of the best of all time!
11 days ago
This pin is it! Not since DeadPool has a pin given me a one more time! I can not stop playing. It's crazy, how good this is. Keep the Elwin dream team going!
1 year ago
I love this game. It brings a smile to my face. Love the music and the chimes.
1 year ago
Forget AFM,MB,MM. This is the best pin of that era!
1 year ago
This game rocks! It is a blast to play! The layout is crazy good!
1 year ago
Perfect pin!!!! I need one!!!!
1 year ago
This pin is a blast to play! I love this pin! The past few pins, Iron Maiden, Deadpool, JP, EHOH! Stern is on fire!