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67 days ago
Played the original and a re-make. The latter plays quite differently to the original. To my mind, it does not play as well.
5 months ago
A tough game when it is set up correctly!
2 years ago
Loved the album, love the machine. Back glass is full of little surprises when you study it. Double flipper on the left can catch you out.
Like the ball save gate feature. Tuned nicely, this game plays really well.
A keeper in my collection.
2 years ago
Owned the game for a while. Did not keep me coming back. Play felt a little 'wooden' to me. Sounds got a little repetitive.
Wife liked it and was not happy I moved it on!
Little video modes were interesting to play.
2 years ago
Good competition game as you can steal locked balls if you can get the multi ball, though multi ball is not very exciting. Playfield is nice and the speech and sounds are good for the age of the machine. Boards need maintenance as things do wear out.
Was not a keeper for me.
2 years ago
First game I owned. Good introduction to owning a machine.
Shots are a bit limited and scoring is all about getting the 1 million.

Really cool bit, is going back in time and the music changing, including EM style chimes.
2 years ago
Everybodies classic game. First played it when it came it, found it very addictive. Now own one and even though the shots are a bit formulaic to clear the mansion house, ie left flipper into the Chair, left flipper round the right ramp, then right flipper back into the chair, still enjoy a good game or two.
2 years ago
Not a game I ever planned to get, but one crossed my path and I bought it. It has surprised my expectations and is now a 'keeper'. No multi ball, but there is plenty to 'do' to keep you coming back for more.
I especially like the spinners when they light after you have the 5X lit. Also, NEVER tilt as this resets a players accumulated bonus, multipliers etc. not a feature I have seen before. The rollover switches in the playfield are similar to Strikes and Spares and do not always register. Just part of the fun.
2 years ago
Happy Days! Simple but addictive game, like a lot of solid state games. This is the first machine that I restored.
Spinner, left hand kick out save. On 3 balls play, this is a tough game to clear 7 balls and get the 8. The loop behind the 8 is satisfying to get the extra ball. Again, not easy to do as rest for each ball.
2 years ago
Early solid states can be as much fun as the modern games. With modern games, you can spend hours trying to complete the modes, but with solid state games, you keep coming back for more to try to beat your score.
2 years ago
Challenging System11 game. Unusual for not having any pop bumpers. Very hard to get the extra ball from the top left drop targets, but very satisfying to get the bell/buzzer to go when you do!
2 years ago
Always enjoyed playing this, so when one came up, I grabbed it. Has not disappointed. Came with a different sound package, so I do n have anything to compare it with.
Game play has a deep rule set and is challenging. Easy to get a good score, very hard to get huge score. When it does all come together, it is brilliant.