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2 years ago
An amazing game that changed the course of pinball as we know it. JJP is innovating every time they do a game and this game started it all. A true world under glass.
2 years ago
A game that stands the test of time...very worthy of the AFMr recently done.
2 years ago
TNA is an amazing throwback and an absolute blast to play single player or multiplayer. Fast, mean, and brutal, but in the best way. Scott Danesi with a real winner here and I can only wait to see what he does next.
2 years ago
The one recent Stern game I would love to own...the code has depth, the shots are fantastic, and every aspect of the game is fun to navigate. Advanced scoring strats are very interesting and a blast to go after. An amazingly enjoyable and fascinating first game from Keith Elwin.
2 years ago
Not a fan...feels too "same-y" and while the shots are smooth, without modification, the game is relatively easy and straight-forward. Curious to see where the code ends up, but not optimistic.
2 years ago
I have owned a Metallica for 3 years and it has always been fun, but not the most fun game in my collection. Some additional variation to the CIU->EotL strats would be nice but it resolves that well by creating plenty of multiball opportunities along the way.
2 years ago
Dialed In is Pat Lawlor's Opus in pinball...a true masterpiece if you like his disaster themes.
2 years ago
Best game I've ever played, bar none.