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72 days ago
Granted I just (finally) got this game, but it is rare that I just can’t stop playing a pin. Awesome awesome game.
3 years ago
Though lighting is a bit too dark, the theme and gameplay is phenomenal. I have waited for this pin for decades.
3 years ago
It is hard to say if it is mostly nostalgia or if this game is just that good, but the sounds from Pinbot still get me amped up every time I hear them and I love playing it.

It is not a complicated machine, but it is beautiful in that simplicity.

The sounds are awesome. The visor and matrix are awesome. Overall theme is awesome.

I wish the scoring on the planet progression were greater. I wish the outlanes were just a little less hungry (bounces off the rubber seem to always drain the ball)
3 years ago
I have always loved AC/DC, and I feel like the idea of an actual jukebox and separate scoring per song is brilliant. I have owned this game (Premium) for a while now, and not only don’t get tired of it... I still occasionally play it when I run into it in public.

I wish the backglass were better looking, wish the lower playfield were more fun, and hate when balls get stuck on the cannon while it is retracting during multiball... but this game is just great.