Beware of Scammers and Thieves

Beware of Scammers and Thieves

By SkaterVet

April 12, 2017

12 days ago

You may or may not realize, but there are scammers and thieves trolling pinball websites trying to steal your money. 

I have been eagerly searching for a 1990 Bally Radical pinball. I exhausted all resources on Pinside posting a want ad and contacting all listed owners and asking if they'd be interested in selling their machine.  No luck.  

I then listed a want ad on another pin web site.  A few days later I received a response from "Ben Douglas"' claiming to be from Connecticut.  I asked him to send me pictures of his machine including one with a piece of paper with my name written on it and placed on the machine.  The paper looked photo shopped and I immediately recognized the machine from the sale archives on PinSide.   So, I asked for a little history on the machine.  He claimed his dad bought it 10 years ago and it has been in  his possession for the last five years after his dad died.

I then sent him the Pinside link from the sale of the machine with the identical pictures to the ones he sent me and asked him for his thoughts on this machine that was sold 1.5 years ago out of Oregon. 

Of course, I received no response.   Since then, I have received two other offers to purchase Radical and both of these offers have been written in grammatically incorrect English. I have received no reply after asking for pictures with the glass off and a piece of paper with my name on it placed on top of the playfield. 

Long story short, buyer beware. Do not be shy about asking for additional information.  I for one, will not be placing anymore want ads on sites other than Pinside. Thank goodness for the Pinside sale archives or I might have fallen victim. 

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2 days ago
If you're going to photoshop a rectangle sitting on another rectangle might want to match perspective! Glad you avoided disaster. Thanks for sharing
2 days ago
Good story- and I thought the exact same thing about the paper being out of perspective. Hilarious.
2 days ago
Thank you for telling your story!
It is very sad how much this is going on. The last few months we have been looking at used RVs and have ran into nothing but scams and liars. Very disheartening about the world we live in. We eventually gave up looking on websites and sites like Craigslist and bought from a dealership.
1 day ago
That was a smart move on your part. Well played, sir.
1 day ago
Keep searching for a Radical.It is a very under rated game.
I have owned two and it is the only pin , I have always hung on too.
Great game and very hard to get hold of.

Good luck with search.

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