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2 years ago
Artwork, sound, theme, quality, fun…this is the total package!
2 years ago
I love the incorporation of Godzuki blowing out match numbers at the end of the game.
4 years ago
I think you must need to be a big Ted Nugent fan to enjoy this one. The red, white and blue on the cabinet is very attractive. The sound and music is descent. The playability just is not there, even taking into consideration its age.
4 years ago
The game play is just ok when compared to the original wide body Indiana Jones. The best parts of this game are all of the movie call outs and an 8 ball multi ball!!! It is worth playing, but there is only one IJ worth owning.
4 years ago
This is an enticing looking game with a bunch of bright green ramps. It is a fun wide body game. The biggest detractor is that you spend a large amount of time watching it vs flipping it. The ball stays fairly busy without you.
4 years ago
This is a surprisingly fun game and I am not a basketball fan. The scoring is really unique in that it is scored like a basketball game. I got 112 on my first game which is evidently a pretty good score. I would certainly buy one of these if I came across one at the right price.
5 years ago
Fantastic game. One of the best multi balls ever.
5 years ago
I own MMr and MBr, but this pin just doesn't do it for me. I know I'm in the minority on this one as it's constantly in the Pinside top 3. I'm certainly not hating on this pin. It may just be the theme that doesn't excite me.
5 years ago
A neat novelty game and is an eye catcher when you walk into an arcade. That said, the playability is not fantastic. The nostalgia factor is high as I remember my younger brother and I being too small to reach each flipper button so he would take one side and I'd take the other. Certainly worth playing if you get the chance.
6 years ago
Hysterical!!! Lots of fun
6 years ago
The theme of this game is fantastic. The art is total cheese, but appropriate for the era of skating. Skate or Die!
7 years ago
The theme of this game is fantastic. Stern's did quite a good job. The biggest detractors are that it feels a bit plastic. Like most new pins, it is not as solid as machines from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The only other down fall of this game is the ridiculously large center gap that leads to frequent SDTM drains.
7 years ago
There is a reason this game is #1 on Pinside. It never gets old and it puts a smile on my face every time I play.
7 years ago
This was the first game I ever owned as a kid. The theme is fantastic. For its time, it is a great and enjoyable game. We enjoyed playing it for hundreds and hundreds of hours. I'd gladly own it again.
7 years ago
This pin often gets a bad wrap. I've owned it in the past and enjoyed playing it. It is not terribly deep, but has a couple of nice gimmicks. This would be a great pin for a first time collector on a budget.
7 years ago
I never get tired of this game. "No, you can't win! No, No, Nooooooo!"

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