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1 year ago
Real fun machine, received it today, music and lightning are awesome on this one, when crypt open, the strob and accelerated music is very stressing, i really enjoy that machine!!! Maybe the funniest of all data east! Cryptkeeper theme can't be bad anyway! Yeah i changed my note, but man! Everything is so clear on this playfield, bitch left ramp (which is the challenge of the pinball) except that every move can be easily made and long lasting for sure, i did not even put my name yet in the best scores and im doing really good, miss the crypt jam by twice, missing two challenge to get and missing two letter on the crypt to get the mega jackpot, the multiball cloning everytime you hit the crypt when double jackpot is done is awesome and give adrenaline!
2 years ago
First machine i got but not the first i played with, more you play, more you like it, backglass is a masterpiece as the playfield as well!!! Can play hours in this!!!