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10 years ago
Just picked this up and I love it. Vacation jackpot is so frickin' cool, I just wish I could get to it with the glass on, lol. Best ramps in pinball hands down.
10 years ago
Love this game. So much to do, super fast, a cool wizard mode that is obtainable, great artwork and excellent treatment of the theme. And Supergame is great, wish more of the super pins had it. You really need the deadworld mod though, as without it the biggest, coolest toy is crippled. Love it love it love it.
11 years ago
This was my first Pinball purchase since catching the bug as an adult. Honestly I can't think of a better handling of a theme in pinball. It's one of the best looking machines out there in my opinion with fantastic artwork, and a theme that attracts just about everyone. It is a very simple game, but as a person with a kid, that is a great thing for getting youngsters into pinball. I have seen my daughter get pretty discouraged walking up to a more complicated machine, not understanding anything that she was supposed to do, and draining 3 balls. Also, The ramp-tie fighter sound effect combo is excellently executed, and gives me a real visceral reaction that's tied to the nostalgia of the pre-jar jar Star wars universe. I love this game, and even if just shooting up the middle can result in killer scores, I enjoy just trying to make some of the more challenging shots, like relighting the relaunch by shooting the left orbit through the pop bumpers. Great game.
11 years ago
Excellent Game. Great theme and writing. Great layout and toys. Easy to understand. Seems like I can never get to that video mode though.