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2 years ago
To me, this game has it all. Ive owned most of the 90s Williams games and this one more than any other keeps me coming back. Balanced scoring, multiple strategies to get high scores, fast, challenging, and fun. Plus as an avid fisherman, the theme does it for me. As a bonus, it also has a killer topper that would cost about 1500 bucks in todays market! A favorite back in the 90s and still a favorite today. Im on my third Fish Tales, finally got a really nice one, and it would be the last game I ever sell.
2 years ago
Owned this game for a short time and recently played one on location. To each his own but I found the gameplay and fun factor to be the lowest out of just about any other game Ive ever played. I would choose Hollywood Heat or just about any “D” Gottlieb title over this game. Its cool because its Freddy but the layout and rules are just so bad. I see a lot of people call this table underrated but I dont think thats possible. I dont usually review games I dont like but this game to me is a total stinker. Sorry.
2 years ago
I owned this game for a while and I thought it was a lot of fun. The music was cool, had some interesting shots, I found it to be a pretty good game with solid gameplay, and if one popped up nearby at a good price I would be happy to own it again.
4 years ago
Played FIRE a few times now and I just cant get too excited about it. Its a great looking game with a cool theme and the fire effect is brilliant. But the gameplay just seems really pedestrian and the shots are kinda blah. Decent fun for a couple of games, but I dont really care to play it again.
4 years ago
I just picked up one and I dont understand the bad rap this game gets. Just as fun as most other games of the era, cool music and an interesting layout. The backglass art isnt that great,but the playfield art reminds me of some cheesy 1980s comic book, in a good way. And the awesome Steve Ritchie voice really tops it all off. I say, give Road Kings a chance! Its cheap, its a fast fun player, and with the settings on hard it can be pretty challenging. (Updated- game is still here and still fun and challenging, raised rating slightly as this game has now outlasted other more prestigious titles that got stale).
4 years ago
Very fun machine to play with friends. As others have said best pitch and bat game with the most features. Love the “ BOO “ button and smacking the heckler. Great humour in the art, just all around a well executed game that holds up just as well today as it did 25 years ago.
4 years ago
Not a pinball of course, and a very simple game. And a two player game only. Played one at a show...This was a blast to play, super fun...laughing and cracking up the entire time as we tried to shoot baskets and block shots. Hard to describe if youve never played, a totally mechanical game save for the scoring and timer. You would think it would be boring at first glance but quite the opposite. Awesome competetive game that has a 1970s vibe.
5 years ago
Really fun shooter, new and interesting layout. So many great shots. Ripping loops never gets old.
I see lots of griping about no “toys“ on the playfield. Im here to play pinball, not play with toys so this is not an issue for me. Id much rather have an innovative layout that shoots well, which this table definitely has.
Will have to spend more time to get a better grasp of the rules but so far this table looks like a winner and a keeper.
5 years ago
Just got this and have put several games on it. So far it seems to be a lot of fun, the flipper arrangement along with the unusual shot angles make for a fairly good challenge. Have not had a really high scoring game yet. As others said, multi ball happens often but it is difficult to hit the jackpot shot before one of the balls drain. Cool Caribbean music and a bunch of decadent 1980s cruisin' guys and gals depicted on the playfield art really set the tone. A lot of game crammed into a small space, but it works. I give it high marks across the board with the exception of cabinet and backglass art because there is none. A cool and different pinball experience.
5 years ago
Rating this based on the limitations at the time this game was designed and manufactured (1930s) and I am amazed at the pure mechanical coolness of this game. I recently picked one up at an estate sale and have only just gotten it tuned up and playable. Simple, good fun with a definite skill aspect. Watching those puzzle pieces flip over smoothly is a treat.
Havent had much experience with other 1930s games but I see why this one has the well deserved great reputation it carries.
6 years ago
Addictive game, simple rules that are easy to follow, captive ball, tough skill shot, spinning disk means unpredictability every game which keeps it fresh. I like the sounds, good bass on this machine. When I dont feel like slogging through modes and want to just play some straight up pinball and go for high scores this is the go-to game for me. Might run off a really good game scoring several million, then play again and get shut down with only a few hundred thousand points. Its cliche to say, but this game truly is underated. If not for the fact that it is a remake of the EM, I think this table would get a lot more respect.
7 years ago
Pinbot has been in my collection longer than any other game, outlasting TAF, Funhouse, BOP, and many others. To me, playing in a dark room, the music, lights, and sound make for an unmatched sense of atmosphere.
So many shots and different ways to play. Sometimes I'll play games where I go for multi ball and solar value, other games I just try to reach the sun and control the universe. Just an awesome game, I think it is the best of the system 11 games and as good as many of the titles in the top twenty.

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