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64 days ago
Beautiful to look at. Loved the lights, the speed, it's really fun to play. Not a lot to it, so might get old in a home collection but was pretty addictive on location. You could do so much more wiht the Beatles as a theme, this just scratches the surface. I liked the fact that it looks and plays really different to all the other new Stern games. Would love to have one at home but you would need deep pockets to justify it given that many of the other games coming out would have much greater depth and lastability.
64 days ago
Bought this relatively cheaply so thought Id give it s go even though I'm not at all into baseball.
Build quality and serviceability is great on the whole but all System 3 Gottlieb's seem to get playfield wear down near the flippers where the mylar ends. My particular machine needed a bunch of small fixes that actually added up to a lot of work. I completely LED it, new rubbers, and a bunch of other parts. Had to basically disassemble the upper playful ramp/stadium assembly as the optos under it for the orbit were out. These are impossible to get to without this disassembly and its a big job so best to check this. The game would benefit greatly from a complete code rewrite as the rules and scorings are silly. Would have loved to have been able to turn off the cheesy 80s background music which gets old really fast but you can't. Kids seem to love the machine, especially the glove. I could see it making money on location but unless you have a particular interest its not really on par with the good machines. All the fixes made it play much better but nothing could fix the poor programming and confusing gameplay.
64 days ago
Picked this up by chance. Was so happy to have at least one 70s solid state Bally in my collection as this era of games is getting very difficult to find in Australia in decent condition for a reasonable price. Mine needed a few easy fixes. This is a good simple game. Can be brutal but as a 5 ball game you usually get a couple of decent balls. The implementation of a game of 21 onto a pinball machine is actually well executed. It's a fun game. One of the advantages of games like this is the simplicity, both for players and maintenance wise, as I really haven't had any problems since the initial fixes. This is a good option if you want a EM sale game but in a solid state so you don't have to worry about the serviceability issues that go with EMs. Sounds are very basic, art is OK. Can't see this leaving anytime soon.
1 year ago
Surprisingly fun game that was my fist and for me its a keeper. Looks kinda weird if you are used to Bally Williams but it not a bad cheaper game and is a nice contrast to the others. Easy to work on and reliable but a lot of Gottlieb system 3s seem to have play field wear down near the flippers. The scoring can be a bit unbalanced but this does play fast and fun when given a bit of love. Call outs are funny but do get a bit repetitive.
1 year ago
Had this I my place for a while but barely played it as I have other better machines.
It's built like a tank and should be reliable with a little TLC but the toys and playfield are pretty clunky.
Good starter game for kids. Seems to appeal to Street fighter freaks but it really lacks flow for pinball diehards.
The car crusher pretty dumb but some of the other shots are ok and the game is pretty logical and easy to understand. Happy to see it go.
2 years ago
I bought this not working for a cheapish price by Australian standards.
It was a bit of a nightmare to get it all going and it still has faults so it wasn't really a bargain at all.
But having said that it is actually a really well designed game that is a lot fun to play. The long shots really require accuracy to score well. Its brutal at times but you can have good balls and there is a real sense of achievement when you complete STELLAR WARS.
I still have to service the centre drop targets which looks really hard and one of the lifters broke from old age so thats going to be fun to find.
Led lights and premium clear rubbers really made a big difference as they help keep the ball moving across the huge table..
I did a full flipper rebuild but they still seem a bit weak by modern standards.
The the back glass and playfield art work is pretty ordinary but I like the cabinet a lot.
Overall I learnt a lot getting this going but be warned, fixing these old machines is not easy and unless you ae prepared to put in a significant amount of time, money and effort or the machine is in VGC I would get something more modern.
Great for a quick game if you don't want to spend 20 mins or more playing some deep modern monster.
2 years ago
Found it on location in excellent condition so was pretty stoked. It's definitely one of the best. Great game, hard but you just want to keep coming back. Very rare to see it in Australia unfortunately. Would love to own a remake.
2 years ago
It's Ok but I don't think there is anything particularly interesting or original about it unfortunately. The whole machine was kind of light so I found myself tilting it a lot. I think it will age rather poorly as the build is a bit flimsy and the theme will be yesterdays news when the next big TV show comes along. Perhaps if you had it at home for a while you could really get into it but I was like others pretty confused about what was going on. On location it was pretty brutal. It just didn't have the fun factor that classic games such as Addams or White Water have. Perhaps the dark theme doesn't help.
2 years ago
I love this one. I bought one that really needed a good deep service. As I've cleaned it up and fixed all the various functions it's really started to shine. I did a full flipper rebuild and that really made a huge difference when coupled with super bands on the posts. It now plays super fast and smooth which I like. I find the game interesting if you can get into the advanced rounds which isn't easy. Plus there are several bonus rounds to keep it varied.
It's much better then AFM IMHO which feels clunky after playing a shopped one of these. The game is dark but you can get a video amp brighten the screen. I like to play in the dark I don't really find it a problem.
I like it with incandescent globes so that you still get all the fade effects etc. I think the lighting is superb. Infact,
I don't think anything other then the new Jersey Jack machines comes close to the technologically mastery that this machine represents. The 2000 Sterns lame in comparison to this. Definitely one of the best machines ever made, it's in a class of it's own.
2 years ago
Beautiful. Played a few games on location. It's very challenging. Loved everything about it. The lighting effects are incredible. Ball did tend to get stuck on a soft plunge under the right upper play field and it was hard to get it free without tilting. Only downside is the price.
2 years ago
Found this on location. Just found the whole game a bit pointless, couldn't understand what I was meant to be achieving. Maybe if I owned it, it might make more sense. Too dark, very stop and go. Was pretty easy too. Guess I'm not really a fantasy person.