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51 days ago
IMO, Avengers: Infinity Quest is a great game, and especially on the Premium Model. The artwork is great, rule set is excellent and deep, the shots feel great, and overall, it’s just a really fun game.

Pro’s:All of the shots are great and satisfying to shoot, with varying levels of difficulty.
Artwork looks great, with lots of great color.
Game sounds great, with music that can pump up the experience.
Game feels well made and produced (for the most part).
Call outs are well done.
Game is nice and bright, with good lighting

Cons: While the art in the animation is great, the animation itself is not great, with it feeling like rotating and flicking it PNG’s.

Pro Exclusive Issues:
The Thor captive ball shot is far too easy to hit. I’ve seen people unintentionally start thor multi ball while trying to nudge the ball out of an out lane.
I much prefer the subway on the Premium to shooting the Gauntlet ramp to start modes and hitting the disc to lock Portal Locks.

Overall, the game is great, though the Pro has some issues (though those issues are not factored into the rating of the Premium). I’m glad I own a premium, and am excited to play Godzilla once I find one at a location near me.
1 year ago
I really don’t get why this game is so hated. This game is quite a fun stern machine! I know it isn’t as good as Brian Eddy’s other games, but it still is quite fun.

Shots are fun and satisfying.
I like the skill shot layout.
Music is good.
Has a good Brian Eddy feel.
Rule sets could be adjusted but are still nice.

Demogorgan is an AWFUL toy.
Drops are a bit too deadly.
Right loop feed can end with some nasty left outlane drains.

Overall Stranger Things is an above average stern. Sure the Demogorgan is awful but everything else is really fun! I don’t think this game deserves the backlash it has gotten just because it doesn’t match up to The Shadow, AFM, or MM.
2 years ago
I think this game is quite a lot of fun, despite being a one trick pony. The machine I have played was in decent shape in general, and at least gave me a good taste of what this game is like.
Art package is pretty cool.
Shots aren’t the worst.
PAC maze is amazing for its time and could be said to be revolutionary in my own opinion.
Skill shot is difficult and rewarding.


Game is a bit too involved in you collecting your moves for the pac maze.
Even with the shots not being bad, all points are in completing mazes.
The pop bumpers are poorly placed and really shouldn’t be in the game.
2 years ago
This game is great. It has a great use of theme, and it always makes me want to come back to it.

This game has some good solid non photoshop artwork.
The game has a wide variety of shots with good challenge but all being completely makeable.
Animations are absolutely incredible.
Unique skill shot with awesome super secrets.
Toys are very unique.

Game feels a little clunky.
Not a big fan of the supply drop.
2 years ago
I kind of have a passionate hatred for this game. Nothing is really outstandingly horrible about it, but it's just so hard and unforgiving and just, not much fun to play. It seems like it should be fun but it isn't. It seems way to reminiscent of Monster Bash, and I think Monster Bash has better modes, and a more unique and fun playfield than this game. One of the only things that makes this game better than Monster Bash though, is the skill shots, but Monster Bash had a very basic skill shot, so it's not saying that much.
The Artwork is very good on this game, only meh part is the cab.

Right ramp is a fun shot, similar to the right ramp on TFC but easier.

I personally enjoy the whole Dragula toy.

Left ramp is not that bad of a shot.

Kitty Target has a reason to be there and is very helpful during gameplay.

This game really feels like it's trying too hard to be similar to Monster Bash.

The modes aren't really anything to ride home about.

Cab art feels kind of bland personally.

Herman shot can get annoying after a while.

Lily target is too dangerous on some models.

I really wish they did something better with the Grampa mode on the pro.

Lighting is just average.

This game makes me hate it every time after I play it.

Overall this is just a game that is mediocre at worst, okay at best, and has some really annoying things with it personally. I don't really like this machine, but I bet some other people do.
2 years ago
Wow. This game is great, it really deserves it's seed at #1 machine of all time. It's a really fun game that is great for all ages and has a great layout and very nice artwork. Whenever I play this game, I don't usually play the best, but it's rule set is so fun and there is so many fun things to do and fun shots that I come back for more, which must really show how good a game is. Sounds are very crisp and refined and the game has great callouts that are very memorable.
2 years ago
Okay. This game is hated, but I personally think this game is just OK. It is super cheap and the rules are much to simple for a game from 2018.

Artwork is okay, fits the theme and gives you a little of that campy 60's feel that the TV show had.

The toys are a little unique, with the balls representing thunderbirds rising from the playfield.

Lighting is decent with some okay LED's.


This game feels quite cheap around this flippers, which doesn't bother me that much but I would prefer a much nicer feeling game.

Center ramp has such weird physics and doesn't seem properly angled.

Game looks way too reminiscent of Data East Batman.

This game is overall just OK, but this company needs to make another machine and hopefully make it better then this, but I honor their work on this machine.
2 years ago
I personally understand why people are not super fond on this game. The center hoop is super overpowered in scoring. And that when you spell "MANIA" the spinners also become quite unfair in tournament play. But I just think this game is a fun trip for a good while and has some of the most amazing artwork in pinball. Seriously, it's amazing! The playfield artwork is really amazing and shows Kevin O'Conner's talent strongly. Also the chrome on the backglass is cool and all the artwork on it really shows how crazy this theme is. The stencil on the cabinet is also in my opinion ahead of it's time a bit with using some more advanced shapes/slightly more complex art. I think where this game falters is the fact that the rules aren't so good, even for it's time. It is quite repetitive and you may get bored of it after a while. Overall, I'm happy I own this game and I'm proud of it's artwork package.