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4 years ago
This game is a strong improvement over the original Black Knight. Although the playfield lacks depth, it doesn't lack enjoyment. The upper field seems to have a distinct purpose in play and creates a unique fun gaming experience. I recommend it.
4 years ago
This is a great game. Super fun with plenty of depth to keep you coming back for more. 32 play modes and over 1,000 call outs.
4 years ago
Too many gimmicks.
4 years ago
This game is bright and fun because of the theme but lacks depth.
4 years ago
What a great game. This is a players game. The playfield offers more depth than meets the eye because of the turning head. Funny sounds bites. I wanted to but this for my home collection but my family doesn't like it as much as I do.
4 years ago
This game is amazing. Great fun and amazing depth. It feels like a total series of skill shots are needed for each play, keeping you coming back for more. Probably more fun for skilled players than novice. The theme is great and sound is good.
4 years ago
This game is a blast to play. It's a hit with everyone that plays it. It's a top 1 or 2 game for everyone in my family. It truly appeals to all skill levels and keeps you coming back for more play. It packs a lot into the playfield without making it feel crowded or cramped. I truly love this game in my collection.