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6 years ago
Phoenix was one of my favorites when it came out back in late 70's. It was one of the first solid state machines to join the long rows of EMs at the local Aladdin's Castle. I found it ugly as mud yet very challenging. Drop target city. I ended up buying one years later and still own it. My rating may not reflect the true essence of this pin but in all honesty there is nothing spectacular about it. Just a decent-playing early SS that happens to be a good bang for the buck pin.
8 years ago
I have always enjoyed GE in the wild and decided to pick one up in order to be able to spend more time on it. I think it was a good call as this pin is really fun to play. It is much faster than I expected and quenches my desire for looping ramp shots. The sounds and dots are nicely incorporated and overall it is a well-themed pin. Points deducted for cheesy playfield and translite artwork, although 14 faces might be a record.
The toys are unique and make the game. Satellite ramp is always fun and the magnet throwback is one of the best ball saves in pinball. I would definitely recommend searching one out if you have not played one before. This is one of Sega's top games imo and a sleeper pin.
10 years ago
Gorgar...your evilness is burned into my memory forever. My local arcade was dimly-lit and there you stood in the dark corner with your menacing look. ...Then you spoke. You might as well said "Gorgar take money" because you got all of mine. I see that you took many other peoples money over the years because its hard to find you without a worn playfield. If the opportunity arose and space was no issue I will probably hunt you down.
10 years ago
A fast and fun pin thats not too deep on the rules but is inviting to the novice and easy to get into. The games ranks high on my funfactor. I love hitting the ramps and shifting gears is new challenge. The police radio chatter in the background is so realistic that when that I run that red light it almost feels as if Im getting chased down. I love pinball and I love this game.
10 years ago
This was "The" machine of 1980. With all the new features introduced it could be considered the mother of modern pinball. Still a blast to play after all these years.
11 years ago
A rather rare game by the numbers : 1,500 produced. Atlantis has a decent layout with a shooting submarine and a vuk that sends the ball down a habitrail to the right inlane. Its million dollar shot is fun to try for and when the lights go out and its flashing red-well its pretty cool. The game screams for LED's. It is definitely worth a try if you run across it and have a chance to play.
11 years ago
Beautiful game with a nice open playfield that provides many shots. Ramps are a blast and can get the ball flowing pretty well. Multi-ball can be a tad too easy and yeah, you got to thunk that trunk quite bit but I think overall this game is a blast to play. LED's can really make this game pop.
11 years ago
I sunk so many quarters in this machine when it was first released. Always loved how the music would build the longer your ball stayed in play. Lots of targets to knock down and a real sense of accomplishment when completed. Great theme,especially when sitting side by side with Comet.