That looks like a Submarine periscope

That looks like a Submarine periscope

By SilverballBob

February 19, 2018

9 months ago

It was around 1970 or so in Brooklyn Center Minnesota, I was 5 years old. My father took me to Brookdale and told me to stay right here. He pointed to an area right outside the arcade store right next to the garbage and a bench. I sat and waited for him. I could hear the bells and buzzers and booms, whirz and knocks and zaps. My father appeared after about what seemed like a day. He looked at me and took me by the hand and said c'mon, then he lead me into the strange place called Piccadilly Circus. We didn't venture deep into the place, but he took me to a game just inside, and that was a pinball machine. I wasn't as interested in what he put a coin into as the machine 6 feet away from us, one with a periscope.  As I would come to find out it was the sought after game to play called Sea Wolf. This one didn't have the foldable steps that allowed smaller kids the experience to play. I would through the next several years get to the game and listen and kinda watch the kids play it. By the time I was 8 years old or so, I could finally play it. That is my first memory of an arcade joint and from there I began my fascination with pinball and the like. Thanks Dad.

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8 months ago
Sea Wolf rules! It was one of the classic arcade games I was attracted to. I loved the sound of the sonar (?) and the small, fast boat that cruised along the water surface was a challenge to hit.

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