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43 days ago
Overall really nice package. Cabinet and playfield art are some of the best I’ve seen. Lots of shots. Both the upper playfields are fun to shoot and keep the game interesting. Animations are ok and film quality could be better. Code still needs polish. Needs some work on sound/music mixing as well. Was really excited to hear don’t fear the reaper but really didn’t enjoy it with the audio mix. I like the subway shots and how they feed the in lanes a lot. Only shot I don’t love is the pumpkin. Only way I can consistently hit it without rejects is a backhand shot. I think the game will continue to improve with code updates as the bones are solid. Nice job spooky.
1 year ago
Interesting game. I love the cabinet art and back glass. Definitely a cool theme. Playfield art works well for me. Game is absolutely loaded with things to do. The inner loop shot is really tight.. the catapult is finicky. The animations are some of the worst in pinball however. I just don't get the art direction. Id rather be looking at an orange dot dmd... i just try to ignore it... the straight jacket modes are a blast. Will enjoy spending some time with it in the home setting and see how it holds up in a mid size lineup.
2 years ago
So I have contemplated buying a Slugfest for years. This is a game I really enjoyed when I was younger. As far as pitch and bat games go.. I know some people prefer the older ones but for me this is as good as they come. I love the DMD animations. The callouts are great. The art package is good for what it is.. I don't think there is much more they could have done with the theme. Sound is solid. WPC boardset is reliable and easy enough to work on. Lighting definitely benefits from an LED upgrade. 2 player mode is a ton of fun to play with my son. Word of advice is that it is slightly wider than a standard body pinball even with the head off. Learned that the hard way when I had to have my wife rip the door off while I held the machine on at the bottom of the stairs!
2 years ago
This game is #1 for a reason. Played it on vpx for years then in bars and finally had an opportunity to own my own. I was nervous about the longterm reliability on the remakes and am confident in my ability to fix issues on the wpc95 platform so I went with the original. Simple enough for new players to have a blast. Possibly the best toys in pinball. Most games last about a year in my 5 to 6 game lineup so well see if it ends up getting old but for now I can't stop playing it!
2 years ago
So I've played this one a handful of times on location at different spots and just recently added it to my collection. Loved the gameplay but could never hear the music well enough to get into it on location. In the home collection, the sound is great. Maiden was a dream theme for me well before this game was announced. I know a lot of people like the game but can't do the theme. I love the theme, love the music. The playfield is a lot of fun. The upper flippers add a ton and give you lots of variety to shoot for. You can keep the ball up in the orbits for a little while between both of the upper flippers. The ramps are challenging. The jump shot is neat. I really enjoy the way the balls get "locked" and then released on the pro before multiball. I do wish there was just one "toy" outside of the jump shot / bullseye. I was a little concerned that I'd get bored without some type of playfield toy but so far the playfield keeps itself interesting! I will say I am disappointed in the stern quality control as my playfield is already showing clearcoat issues but I won't let that impact this review as the stern playfields are discussed in depth on the forums.
2 years ago
Had a really nice example of this game. Sat unused for years and cleaned up super nice. One of the locks never worked right and I couldnt quite get it worked out. With that aside, I like the talking skull, music is fine. Translite looks nice with LEDs. Not a big fan of the little flipper. Cabinet art isn't anything special. Game honestly wasn't much fun. Zero one more game appeal. It does have an easy multi-ball which is fun for kids.
2 years ago
Only had this one for a few months. Restored a rough routed game with every intention of keeping it. Ball times are pretty short and it plays brutal fast which I like a lot. Mist is cool but I wish the game had some extra type of toy on it. I love the playfield art, especially with tasteful LEDs, it really pops. DMD animations are solid and the music is really well done. Wish I had more time to play it but had on of my grail games pop up and it had to go...
2 years ago
Recently picked this one up on a trade for my old walking dead pin. Have to say I was anxious because of amount of people who dont like it but this is possibly one of the best pins for the house. Tons of content and deep rules. The newer code is great. Haven't had a wide body in a while so I would agree with the floaty feel and I have mine set up steep. Ramp shots feel good. The drop targets are fun. The pop ups make modes more challenging by getting in the way. Definitely a multiball game. I dont love the way the orbit shots feel. Not sure if it's because I'm not used to the widebody or what but I feel like the shot angle feels off. Light show and sound are hands down best I've ever seen. Struggled a bit getting it in the house at 350 pounds though!
2 years ago
I had to edit my initial review. This game has been a money pit for me. Had to replace MPU and fix countless little things. It got to the point that I didnt even want to think about the game... After I finally caved and got everything working... It's actually a pretty fun game. It definitely needs to be dialed in perfect to be enjoyable. Not much depth but for its age the progress of building the treasure bonus, hitting the drops, and then popping the ball across the bridge and out the escape is actually pretty unique. These games were definitely budget builds. I feel like every time I lift the playfield up something else is broken... but the good news is that I'm running out of things to fix so not much else can break :)
2 years ago
Got this game thinking it was going to be a forever title but after less than a year it is starting to get a little old. T-Rex toy is fantastic. Raptor kick back is awesome. Decent ball times and not a drain monster. New code definitely adds a lot.
3 years ago
Have had this game for about a month and at this point have given it enough play time to review. I have to say that this game is severely underrated. Gottlieb gets a bad wrap for many of their system 3 games but this machine is a ton of fun. Scoring can be a bit lopsided but if players know the rules its balanced enough to be competitive. Lots of fun shots. The third flipper really adds to the layout. The modes are fun. The music is cheesy but works for the theme. Callouts are good. With LEDs, the playfield, toys and ramps really pop. Reliability wise, the system 3s are fantastic. If you can pick one up, I'd highly recommend it!

Update: I have now owned this title for longer than any other game in my collection and it is bolted down. You simply can't get this gameplay out of any other game in its price range. Highly recommend.