Our Introduction to Pinball

By ShrimpPimp

May 26, 2021

28 days ago

Prior to the pandemic we had recently completed construction of a 2800 square foot building to be used as a shipping and distribution building for our family business. My wife and I live and work on our 13 acre farm with our adult children and employees coming and going M-F. When we built the building we added a second story with a game room, future office and isolated cigar lounge with in ceiling smoke eliminator. Initally we had a billiard table, a shuffleboard table and 80" TV with three media chairs. My wife actually mentioned wanting another type of game for entertaining non-pool playing friends. So I found a shopped 20 year old Monopoly pin and brought it home as a surprise.

We all enjoyed it for a few months, but when the pandemic hit our business became very busy for a few months. (We own an aquarium food manufacturing business with more info found at LRSFoods.com) With everyone stuck at home setting up and revamping reef aquariums the hobby was a very popular item to keep familiies busy. More people at home buying aquarium fish means more food is needed, hence we stayed very busy in 2020. In the evenings we would relax in our game room with a few friends and family members. I went back to my local pin dealer and wrestled out of him a near new in box Star Wars LE model which was his Dad's personal machine. My wife loves Star Wars so she immediatly loved the game, especially with all the modern upgrades compared to the Monopoly game. So we really started to enjoy playing pinpall together and I started reading more and more on PInside about the hobby. Fast forward a couple months and I had struck a relationship with a pinball distributor and was lucky enough to grab a Guns and Roses CE from JJP. It has become our favortite pin to play and we racked up 1200 plays in the first 4 weeks we owned it. I added a 10" external sub and it sounds great. We literally hardly ever turn on the TV anymore and most nights we are playing pinball or pool.

As you can see from our photos our collection grew over the past year. We are inline for a Mandalorian LE sometime this Summer and if Toy Story becomes a reality my wife said that is a "must have." We are running out of room!

Story photos

Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 8.58.00 AM (resized).png
Gamr Room May 26 (resized).jpg


8 days ago

I worked at a saltwater fish store for a while and that live rock isn’t cheap not to mention krill and other foods:plants. Good for you that’s an awesome collection

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