Pinball and practicality

By shlt_thunder

August 10, 2021

48 days ago

I got into pinball 6 months ago when shopping for our first born.  I was shopping for cribs but I found them to be extremely expensive and boring.  I came up with the idea of converting a pinball machine into a crib.  I bought a Comet pinball machine, lined the pinball machine with soft blankets, pillows, and rigged up a baby monitor inside, and... you have a combination crib and pinball machine.  I just put the baby in through the coin door.  I now get to have a safe and secure place for my child to sleep without having to deal with an unsightly crib.  I also don't have to leave my baby's side while i play pinball all night long.  

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37 days ago

Awesome way to tackle this issue. Plus the added warmth from the power supply's and high voltage coils, lamps etc. ensure that the babe is warm and snug while they sleep!

20 days ago

Lmao . Although, it is a great idea without the electronics/playfield involved..which is what you probably ended up doing. I hope. Lol.

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