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3 months ago
T2 is a classic, it was my 2nd pin and sometimes i miss it.
Great layout, fast and fun. Locking balls for jackpots is a great idea.
If i have the choice i prefer to play a T2 than a boring TOTAN or TOM.
3 months ago
Fun game with great lighting and musics, but that's all. Playfield design is average, rules are extremely repetitive to the point that after 2 weeks i knew this game will move.
I hate the code. It's not that i think it's bad but compared to TWD, Lord, Met and IM, i have much more pleasure to play this games than ACDC. Overrated game due to the band, not a bad game but not a GREAT game.
10 months ago
XM could have been a great pin because the code is real good and the layout is cool, but callouts and music are terrible...
Too bad because it's a beautiful machine.
10 months ago
Great theme and great songs.
I had mine 3 months and played it dayly but it doesn't stay after the honeymoon phase. The Pro is fast but there's too much cheap drains, it's barely playable.
Premium is better, the real ACDC machine. Pro version is too cheap.
10 months ago
Cool game, but not a keeper for me.
10 months ago
I don't understand why this game is ranked so high.
Code is very bad IMO, very boring and repetitive. Callouts are always the same for each Vengeance multiball. Ramps are smooth but i find the gameplay is bad (ball hop at flipper bats, cheap feeling, airballs...)
There's really nothing really exciting in this game, we are far from a Met or a TWD. STTNG is a better Star Trek machine for me.
I keep my ST Pro two weeks and it was really enough.
11 months ago
Great great game.
I regret selling my first Pro and bought an other one. Metallica have a great layout, fast and flowy, great rules, great sounds, great animations. It's a winner on all points.
Callouts are great, especially James and Robert who did a great job. Lars callouts are a bit annoying but hey... It's Lars.
A better cab speaker is a must have, because i find the stock sound too high/sharp, that's the only negative.
Definitely a keeper next to my TWD and IM.
Borg + Lyman best combo ever
12 months ago
Artwork is very ugly and uninspired at best, how it's possible to mess a beautiful and strong theme like GOT and create a machine who looks like a Xena warrior princess machine? I think the designers don't watched the show and it's a BIG mistake. The artwork reminds the Youtube video Game of Thrones 90s intro VHS style, and it's not good at all.
Playfield and shots are boring, classic, uninspired. No toys or magnets at all if we forget the Dragon kicker, much less fun and wow factor than the War machine kickback. It's the much simplest layout we can find on a modern machine. Annoying ball hop at the flipper bats make the game hard to play smooth and flowy. It's clunky and for a game designed by Ritchie, it's really a shame (SHAME!)
Lightshow is flashy and colors are fluorescent, hmmm.. the theme is Game of Thrones, really? Again, big mistake.
Musics are good, but sounds are really bad and very repetitive. Callouts are ok but there really are not many. The game seems unfinished and botched (bugs, no sounds for some jackpots, and a few same sounds on the 3 differents multiballs...). The game lacks great sounds when you finish a mode or start a Wizard, it's flat and not really exciting.
Rules are ok but it's not nearly as intense as TWD, IM or Met.
Clearly a big disappointment for me, i'm just glad i didn't buy this machine.

EDIT: i update my ratings since i played at least 100 games on the GOT pro i have temporarily at home. The code is good and it's very fun to go for Iron Throne. Once you had a good score on a house, you want to play an other and an other, so lastability is good. Risk and reward, and strategies can sum up GOT. Too bad the artwork doesn't suit the gameplay. The more i play this game the more i like it, but i wouldn't buy this game because of the artwork and the lack of variety in the sounds. However, i understand people who like it, because the code is really good.
1 year ago
Beautiful but boring like TOM. It's a pin for beginners or kids.
You see all this machine have to offer after a few games.
Layout is fine, some shots are interesting, i don't really like the rotating lamp, and the game is too easy.
Music is repetitive fast, the fireball hurry up is...well... annoying. Modes are too similar and i hate the machines that tell you where to shoot.
A collectors game if you're into that stuff but if you want a challenge and a great code, forget TOTAN.
1 year ago
Pros: Best code ever created for a pinball machine, great layout, hard game but very addictive.
Wizard modes are excellent, Horde is epic, and scoring on modes is very well implemented.
Animations are the best i seen on a dmd.
I love musics and callouts, and don't find them annoying like others pinsiders.
I think it's the best effort by Stern for now. Game is epic like LOTR but in a different way, you can play 5 short games and do nothing and play another and bam! Huge scoring and intensity like no others pins.
Many things to do, many ways to attack the game.
I think it's a masterpiece and one of the best pin for PLAYERS

Cons: stock lighting is too white, you have to change somes leds for more warm colors, red, yellow, orange.
The flow of the ball sometimes is not smooth a the ramps exits and the game is really too hard on stock settings.
The ball can spend too much time on the bumpers area, but it's not really important.

I really don't understand why this game have no better ratings, there's more collectors than players here.
1 year ago
LOTR is a masterpiece.
I don't keep this one because i like fast and brutal games like BSD and IM, and i don't like when a game last more than 30 minutes. So after a while, i have to forced myself to play it, but the first months i had it, it was a great pinball experience.
So if you like epic games with a great music and callouts, a deep ruleset but easy to understand and a perfect layout you can't find better than LOTR.
Maybe the only pin i will regret to let it go...

Update: i traded my ACDC Premium for a nice Lord, a second one. The last Lord i had was unfortunately easy but this one is rude. It's much more fun than before and it's definitely a keeper and one of the best if not the best pinball ever created. LOTR is unique and mesmerizing, sounds, callouts, rules, everything is top notch. Multiballs rules are perfect, modes are great and always challenging, DTR is very stressful, and you can have great sub modes during a game like Ring Frenzy or Ring multiball that makes this game awesome.
What i don't like is it's a bit clunky, and don't play as well as recent Stern or B/W games of the 90s. Lord special coils are a must have (and i know how to rebuild/adjust flippers). Colors of the playfield art could be better.
Nothing really important compared to the near perfection of this game.
1 year ago
I really don't understand why this pin is rank so high.
The flow is inexistant, too much stop (Otto, garage, mini playfield...), the music is horrendous and some sounds and callouts makes me want to tear my head and pierce my eardrums (Comic book guy hurry ups, doh frenzy, I&S multiball... Aaaaaaargh!), and even if the machine is well tuned, it feels cheap and the shots are not satisfying.
I have absolutely no joy no fun playing this pin, it's just a big mess. So it moves from my gameroom really fast.
The same year Stern produced LOTR, and it's really a much better machine by far.
For me one of the most overrated pin of all time.
1 year ago
This game is just pure fun. Fast, brutal, simple and addictive.
One of the best for multiplayer games. Jackpot and Super Jackpot are very rewarding. It's a must have in a collection, a true Ritchie classic.
Make sure the flippers are strong and the up/down ramp is well tuned.
1 year ago
Avatar is the most underrated game on Pinside, by far.
Music and sounds are excellent, gameplay is immersive, with a shaker and a better cabinet speaker it's nice.
I love Iron Man (my favorite Stern) and Avatar is very similar on the ruleset. The wizard mode Final Battle is very difficult to obtain and it's a great mode. This game is very challenging if you like that, and it's never boring to play. Ball control is key and you have to be precise and methodical if you want to score.
This game deserves a better rating!
2 years ago
Just a perfect pin for me. My favorite Stern for now.
Great sounds and music, fast and brutal, extremely fun, simple but very effective. Great ruleset, great flow...
I think i'll never get tired of IM, just that one more game feel that others pins don't have.
2 years ago
A classic. My first pin and maybe the best system 11 ever created. Great fun and a beautiful machine, if you can find one in good shape
2 years ago
I loved the show, i hate the pin.
Extremely ugly and Data East cheap feel.
l will kill myself if i hear again the keeper laughings
Overrated pin for me.
2 years ago
One of the best widebody, if not the best for me. Much better than TZ but i think you need to love the theme. I just played it too much and I'm not a Trekkie so i sold this pin after a moment. Great flow when you are "in" and one of the best multiball ever created
2 years ago
Great theme and a very beautiful pin.
Extremely boring, callouts are annoying. I had no fun at all playing this game.
I was happy when this pin left my gameroom, and it left pretty fast.
2 years ago
Just a perfect pin. My personnal favorite of the Bally Williams 90 era.
2 years ago
Very great game, very underrated.
Deep and difficult but a lot of fun, deserves a place at least in the top 50
A mix between BSD (Oursler touch) and STTNG (right upper flipper and left side ramp, gun/canon) with a badass theme
I like it more than many in the top 20