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7 years ago
Eddy at his finest.
7 years ago
Great game with cool lighting, flow, toys, etc.
7 years ago
I like the movie, so wanted to try the pin. The back glass is great and the gameplay was good. The ramp shots take a hard shot, like the toys, etc. Fun game that you can get at a good price. Looking for one now.
7 years ago
The boat and reel are clever, but need more multiball. Music is repetitive and the fish topper gets old fast.
7 years ago
Decent flow, but hitting the safe gets a bit old.
7 years ago
This is a game I checked out because of the Playboy association, but it's rather boring to play.
8 years ago
The Shadow plays fast with lengthy combos, multiple modes, the best magnet in pinball, the battlefield, VENGEANCE, ramp diverters, and the oft criticized Baldwin. Personally, I like the theme and think Baldwin is funny (and more so when you put a fake mustache on him). Besides, if you don't dig him you can get an alternate translite or shift your gaze upon the likes of Gandalf, Darkness, or Mearth. I plan to line it up with a JM and get the bad movie/great pin theme cooking in the basement.

The Shadow is a difficult game that can play pretty clunky at first, so I can see why some people walk away and write it off (especially if you take the SDTM express by repeatedly missing that left ramp shot). But you have to keep on keepin' on because the payoff is excellent. A very challenging, deep, well thought-out game. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.