It all started in York Beach, Maine.

It all started in York Beach, Maine.

By shacklersrevenge

November 21, 2018

20 days ago

Grew up in York Beach, Maine in the 80's and 90's, as we had a summer home there. The boardwalk arcade (Fun O' Rama) and basketball court were where I spent most of my time, as well as the movie theater behind the arcade which was old-fashioned, even down to the seats. Saw many many summer blockbusters there. 

When I started zoning out to the arcade scene, I found myself getting pretty disenchanted with putting in quarters on a video game to only last about 30 seconds. Pinball, however, gave extra balls and free games, and felt like control of a world under glass. Early memories include Black Knight, Taxi, Whirlwind, Funhouse, Earthshaker, Simpsons, Phantom of the Opera, and then Addams family came out and floored me- loved it. In 1993, I bought my first game at an Antique store for $350, a Gottlieb Bounty Hunter, and still have the game. They had a bunch of other games as well, but I can't remember what they were (wish I could, probably some good stuff) 

I've had over 600 games come and go since 2006, and recently have been keeping what I find because I love to play and collect. I was one of 5 or 6 (can't remember exactly) who helped start the Co-Op ''The Sanctum''  in Meriden, CT, and I'm proud to have been a part of that.

All the years and games later, and shows, and people I've met and become friends with, I still love it. Enjoy it, there's no other hobby I'd rather spend my money on. Games are like a time machine, they'll take you right back there, and I don't know of too many other things in this world that can do that. 

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19 days ago
Best Quonset hut... EVER!

The saltwater taffy around the corner wasn't to shabby either.

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