Where it started?

By sevenrites

February 08, 2015

7 years ago

It was 1986 and the tiny corner market and deli next to me picked up a Haunted House. It was the first pinball machine I had ever come across in person and after playing it one time, I was hooked. I couldn't have been more than 8-10 at the time. 

Years later, the neighborhood arcades would bring me such titles as High Speed, Whirlwind, NBA Fast Break and more. And eventually, the local bowling alley lined up a sweet trifecta with Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars, and Scared Stiff!  I frequented there very often.

Eventually, a JunkYard I was very fond of at the local arcade disappeared. I called the arcade in desperation and they told me where they thought it ended up. How relieved I was to get reunited with that machine at a 24-hour truckstop!

As you can see, the fever never left. 

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7 years ago

The thrill of the pickup is great indeed! Thanks for sharing your story.

1 year ago

Nice collection. My brother in law was a pastor in Duncannon in the early 60s. I don't remember any pinball there at that time. What a hobby. Keep flipping.

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