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3 months ago
I love my Heist and I really think it is one of the best Pinballs out there these days. It is absolutely the system seller, and I cannot recommend playing it enough.

It doesn't feel weird, it has an amazing toy and has some of the coolest innovation and value in pinball. Period.
1 year ago
So this is a game that I actually like despite most saying it is an awful game. I think that it was a great attempt by spooky to meet Rob's demands/requests. He didn't want an easy game, he wanted his game to be brutal, and it is if you miss a shot. I think that the modes and the shots feel weird but good, due to the layout being so unique. I do understand partially why the playfield is dark, and sub-pinstadium level lighting to capture the "feel" but do think I will be adding a few spotlights to mine for basement play at night with lights dimmed.

I do not have a ton to say about the upper playfield. I think its sort of like (Hides from the flack I am about to get) similar to WoZ munchkin playfield. but with a bit more strategy as its not as easy to loop it around, which I think people don't give enough credit for..... IS the UPF amazing?! No. But is it good for the time, and presumably the constraints they had? Absolutely, and there are worse upper playfields.

The sound quality blows sterns even LEs out of the water. Period.

The toys are pretty lacking. A few interesting ones I guess? and maybe part of the "Toys and innovation" is the ballsave that they made from inserts all lit, and the easy repeatable ramps to build that before making dangerous shots.

The rules are deep but not. You can cheat the game, but at the same time, if you don't or they maybe update the code to where you can't repeat a mode until after you get to the wizard mode it would help a lot. The video mode leaves a lot on the table but could be worse.

Callouts in adult mode, Comeon. Its pretty freaking great.

Overall, this isn't the best machine out there, but its better than some in the top 100 at this point, and scores big for taking a lot of ideas from 80s pins and applying it with more modern rules, and toys/features.
1 year ago
I love this game. One of the forever greats. It's hard to argue anything wrong with it esp. For the time.
2 years ago
This game kicks so much butt. I get some saying the theme isnt for them, but it's not a movie or band. It's one of the few completely original themes in the last decade. This has the ability to be a forever collectable machine for that reason alone. It has suprising flow for a lawlor and sometimes it feels so good to shoot you want to just keep the flow going instead of going for a shot I need.
2 years ago
Ita not the home run I was expecting but it's not bad by a long shot!
2 years ago
Personally my GF and I both dislike this game after many plays. It's not bad, it just isnt a home run in our eyes. I'll report back and possibly change my rating later but this isnt a perfect 10 game or a high 9 to me.
2 years ago
My GF and I both thought before playing this MM was our next machine. We now are looking for a BK3 instead.

The shots feel good, you can tell steve designed it and the toys rock. I'm so excited to add this to my collection.
2 years ago
This game totally is for the KISS fans, but it is a lot of fun even if they are not your favorite band in the world. It has a lot of great shots, and plays pretty fast. Getting multiple multi-balls is always fun, and challenging without being too easy.
2 years ago
This game is pretty decent, but is a bit slower than I prefer, and the shots although hard, are just a bit lacking in my opinion. I do really like the toy that has 3 levels of shots, but it does break a good bit and is a pain to repair/service. Its one I will play a few times when I see it in a location.
2 years ago
This honestly isn't one of my favorite pins. Its just a bit slow for my taste personally, and the video mods although plenty and fun, are less important to me than the actual shots and gameplay. Its a great game, but not one of my personal favorites.
2 years ago
Man this is one of the best pinballs for a reason! I absolutely love this game and always pump coins into it and play until my finger hurt. Such a great game and totally worthy of the top 1-3 spot.
2 years ago
I love this game, its a blast to play, and always one that I keep coming back to time and time again. The power glove does slow things down a tad, but its a nice change of pace from crazy fast game play that this game is known for.
3 years ago
I have played quite a few pins and this is always one that I want to play all the time. I ended up picking one up myself. I don't love corvettes, but am a gear head, and can totally appreciate what it is. a Gear head/pinball fans dream. I think this should be much higher than 101 but it is a great game. I love the toys, and the playfield, there is tons of things to do and has a lot of hard shots.