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sethi_i has written 3 rating comments:

2 years ago
Finally getting above the 1.0 code on this machine was a game changer, literally. It went from beautiful box to a great pinball machine. The art is first rate, and the playfield shots are drawn with all of the characters having their own piece of the fan layout. I think the Groot head and arms are one of the best "attention getters" in pinball. And regardless of what some may say, unless you're wearing a neck brace while you play and your head doesn't move, the arms are not a problem!

The coding has made the gameplay exceptional. Each mode has a clear objective, and they are each unique. It doesn't descend into "hit this shot 10 times", ect. Mode scoring is fairly well balanced, so there isn't a go-to playing order. Whichever mode you can consistently complete is the only deciding factor, as bonus is based on mode completion. Multiballs are fairly easy to get, and I love that you can lock balls in Groot and play multiball for 20 seconds with a single ball. It makes for clear shooting of jackpots without banging the balls into each other or having to trap and play with a single flipper.

The shots in this game are tight. Close won't cut it. It isn't clunky, so you won't have "rejects". But if you're not spot on with the shot, it'll hit a post and ricochet across the playfield. That makes this game play tough. But I think it's fair. It's a shooters game. Banging the ball around on Guardians will end in short games and low scores.

My only negative with this game is the LCD screen. Each mode is associated with a scene from the movie that plays while the mode is active. Since it's a clipped scene, it can't be interrupted or paused. That means that the timer never stops. I blow-off almost all of the other graphics (by pressing both flippers) like mystery or ball lock animations because they just waste mode time.

Overall, this is great game now. It's a game that non-pinballers like because of the straightforward rules and beautiful playfield, and hardcore players will enjoy because it's just a tough, rewarding machine.
2 years ago
Star Trek Premium is an amazing machine. I love the cabinet and playfield art. It would have been so easy to go down the same path and put faces everywhere on the playfield, but the techno look is very cool. The premium backglass is pretty much an extension of a movie poster, so it's ok, but not very creative.

The DMD animations are good, but it's still a DMD. Color makes it much better.

As bash toys go, the Vengence is awesome. The rendering is very detailed and the integration and action on it are well done. I think the modes could be differentiated more. Once you go to Galactic modes or upper levels they become individualized. But level one modes feel like "shoot the lit shot". Having said that, progressing thru the modes is very engaging, because the later mulitball jackpots are based on how well you played the individual modes. You can't just blow thru the level ones and expect to score well.

The shot flow is truly outstanding. Every shot can be hit from a moving ball, and the combo bonuses make it worthwhile to try. The shots are also forgiving for new players. This allows non-pinballers to play the game and do very well. All shots return safely to the flippers, even the center Vengence shot. Multiball isn't super easy, but Klingon or Vengence can usually be reached by everyone. This is hands-down the most popular of my games with guests.

Scoring is well balanced and nothing can really blow up the machine. There's no hidden multipliers or stacks for a knowledgable player to abuse. It's all about progression thru the game. I've been to Enterprise Amok twice, and this game will never leave until I get to 5 Year Mission....twice, or maybe three times!!
2 years ago
On this machine, I have to start this review with the artwork and overall theme integration. Both are first rate. The playfield art, the backglass, and the cabinet just draw you in. Callouts are specific to modes, and the display and inserts give clear direction on what to shoot.

The layout and shots are well placed. There is a lot of "stuff" on the playfield, so it can feel smaller than it is. Airballs and jumped lane guides are an issue until you put on protectors. Once I put on the Modfather protectors, I haven't had a single one. The right ramp can also be aggravating. I don't find it particularly hard to hit, but it is very hard to complete the turn without a reject...about 1 in 5 make it. I put in a 1 7/8" spacer instead of the 2" that comes standard, and it's perfect. Now only 1 in 5 are rejected. If you drop it another 1/8", you probably would have zero rejects. I like having some randomness left in it. Other raters have commented on SDTM from the left or right scoops. These settings are easily adjusted to create the kickout you desire...low dribble to flipper or hard bounce in the slings for "randomness".

The flipper gap is wide and there are definitely "cheap" Ghostbusters drains. But I find that most of those are created from missed shots. You can't bang the ball around. Control is the name of this game, not flow - unless you have amazing accuracy with a moving ball. Now that I've had some play time on the game, I don't really notice the gap as unusual. Hit the shots and feed the flippers. The magnaslings are another matter. These are polarizing. I like them. They add an element of tension. I'm sure competitive players hate them.

The rules of this game are laid out pretty clearly. Modes and special features (video modes, multiballs, etc) either have a callout, a display instruction or both to let the player know what to do. The game is often described as linear or repetitive. It can be, if you do the same thing every time. MM is repetitive if all you do is bash the castle. I like to mix up the gameplay. Trying to complete the two mode ladder at the library sounds easy. But if you go that route and miss, you have an uphill climb.

Overall, it's the total package that I love about this machine. Amazing look, good layout, and tough gameplay. I keep coming back because I never know if I'm going to have a 10M game or a 2B (twice).