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2 years ago
The game is very elaborate, the rules are clear and well defined, in the last update they made changes in the audio that I considered bad, but in general it has an engaging sound that matches the game and its missions making the game enjoyable with every jackpot scream ”, A subwofofer was missing to give“ weight ”in the audios, the art is very well done and portrays well the story of the magical illusionist houdini, the missions are very difficult and sometimes it is frustrating to fail to hit some targets and ramps, but In reaching the goal we are awarded with clapping and good scores. Positive points: looks, finishes, audios and excellent animations. Bad point: extremely narrow ramps and paths, which makes the game very, very difficult indeed. If you like challenges and don't mind tough games houdini is a great buy, you won't regret it. It's time to start the magic!