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1 year ago
You can tell how involved the designer, Keith Elwin, is on the forums on Pinside.... a fantastic game just keeps getting better. I have the updated code. It starts with a fantastic screen intro, then a skill shot that turns into a triple skill shot (maybe more, that's all I got). There is also a secret skill shot that I found by accident after 5 months. The music is truly amazing. The game progresses well & the shots are varied. It's hard to describe, but the flow is simply amazing. There are no gimmicks. I have played this more than any game & I never get tired of it. The kids love it & we watched the movie to get them more excited. The theme is so well incorporated. I've played so many pins @ CP Pinball & this is the best. I have only gotten about 2/3 of the way to the visitor's center and am confident that I'll enjoy it all the way to the end. Add the shaker motor. It's prewired & installs in 5 minutes: really adds to.the dinosaurs stomping around.
3 years ago
A Ritchie classic- great theme, especially for that era. It exudes '80's & is based off a real CA police chase. It is a fairly reliable machine with a playfield that wears easily. The game rules set is shallow but a lot of fun. It is a great guest player. The topper was the first of it's kind. Bars would cover the light to keep patrons from being constantly reminded there may be someone waiting for them on the way home.
3 years ago
POTC is a lot deeper of a game than a lot of reviews give it credit. I would play this dozens of times before reviewing. One of its strongest features is the rule set. It can be played shallow & be fun or very deep. This game is amazing. The theme is well developed. The shots vary enough to remain new and interesting. If there negatives, I'd say the callouts could be more in number & you do start & stop a bit. The latter is not bad at all though. It gives players time to review the DMD & look @ their next mission as indicated on the compass rose. This machine really benefits from a color DMD. If you are looking to own one, it is currently a good value. The ship requires a little more maintenance, but it really adds to the game & is one of the best toys since MM.
4 years ago
A pooular game for a reason. Kids & adults alike love the theme with Santa, Marliyn, Pinbot, Gorbachev & Dracula. The joyride & carried passengers shots really add to the fun. I absolutely love the backglass with the characters, rearview mirror & taxi meter. The cabinet is a bit bland but the cab-themed topper at to its appeal. Alternating ramp shots on the "highway" can make you dizzy, but it sure is fun. I love the skill shot start although it could be better integrated with the theme.
4 years ago
Black Rose grew on me a lot. The cannon is a fun feature, although the seam created by it leads to a lot more SDTM shots. You have to bump this machine quite a bit. Once you get in the habit, your score will go up considerably. The animations & video mode are about as good as I've seen on a monochromatic DMD. I did check Color DMD's website & they do have a nice video showing this game in color. I like color DMD in general and on this game it looks amazing. The Davey Jones locker shot can get a bit repetitive, but is really it. Having played it 30 times, I will add it to my wishlist.
4 years ago
Early multiball example with fun call-outs. The play can be fast & fun. The rule set is fairly easy. The best part is stealing your opponents locked ball. It can be a little anticlimactic after multiball. I ended up selling it as it was the one game in the line-up that wasn't getting. My kids & I miss the the attract mode all-out " Fireball awaits you" with its sinister dialect.
4 years ago
Great theme, but you really only need to master a few shots. The game opens with a throw away launch. It matters not at all how you start the game. Getting Yagov is always fun. "Shooting" down the other planes is straight forward, I still have yet to land all three of my planes. The tie in of the playfield to the theme is a little bit of a stretch & the cage tunnels a bit of a gimmick. Even with the drawbacks it is a fast & fun pin. The Top Gun like theme & the light show are the draw.
4 years ago
This is an early solid state, late chime box game. In some ways this is my most difficult pin. I love this game. It is a simple rule set, so great for when non-pinners come over. It is really popular with with experts too. You need to drop either set of drop targets to get the double & triple bonus going & then drop all 6 for the extra ball. Hit all 5 stars to get the moving bonus lit. For its age, I highly recommend playing it. The sounds from the chime box are music to my ears.
4 years ago
Your goal should be to Tour the Mansion by getting all tasks lit. Along the way there is enough variation in the tasks to keep longer playing times interesting. For a 1992 production they put a lot of effort into the speech & callouts. Longer games can lead to repetition though. The layout with 3 ramps & 3 shots works well. For 1992 the animitronics are very well done. All games should start with some short of skill shot as it engages the player immediately. While many of these jave been produced, it does not take away from wanting to walk up & credit it. It is a pleasure to watch people play it for the first time. The rule set is shallow enough to explain yet deep enough to engage even some of the most seasoned players. The general appearance the topper are above average, but could players in better.