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4 years ago
Had a chance to play a minty one for the first time a few weeks ago. I instantly fell in love with it! It's at the dry top of my must have list! I hope someone does a remake soon!
4 years ago
I fell in love with this pin after just one play. I can see why it ranked so night by others. I would love to find a nice example and bring it home.
4 years ago
My first pin so I'm partially biased. I bought it as a non working project and brought it back to life over 6 months. Last up is to reaping the cab with a new stencil kit.
4 years ago
Everyone knows this is one of the best games out there. I fell for it after my first play and my wife likes it to boot. It's on my short list of pins to get.
4 years ago
This is on my short list to own. It in fact is the very first pin I decided I wanted to own. If I ever get one I'm going to have to change out the test car, it's so ugly.
4 years ago
Love it! This is going to be my first NIB pin. More later once I've had it for a while.