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Stories written by SealClubber

Corvette Summer

October 10 - Corvette Summer

I was trolling thru Craigslist during lunch when I spotted this gem for sale for ...

Initial Iron Man Review

May 1 - Initial Iron Man Review

The local operator emailed to let me know they just put this in the local theater. I rushed ...

First Project Pin

April 22 - First Project Pin

I saw this pin on Craigslist and decided to go take a look. The ...

Dream Deal

March 17 - Dream Deal

It's weird. The night before I purchased my Indiana Jones I had a dream where I was in some ...

My Pinball Epic

February 9 - My Pinball Epic

I have been playing pinball off and on since I was very young. The first pin I remember playing ...

Hawaii Pinball Quest part V

January 31 - Hawaii Pinball Quest part V

I went to the Fun Factory in Waikiki to play the pins they have there. First off, parking is expensive down ...

Hawaii Pinball Quest Part IV

January 29 - Hawaii Pinball Quest Part IV

I did a search and it turns out there are eight Fun Factories on Oahu. Only three of them ...

Hawaiian Pinball Quest Part III

January 25 - Hawaiian Pinball Quest Part III

After snorkling, the wife and I decided to do some shopping before dinner. We heard of a good Italian ...

Hawaii Pinball Quest part II

January 24 - Hawaii Pinball Quest part II

After finding that horribly neglected Starship Troopers I resolved to find more pins on Oahu. I started thinking of ...

Hawaii Pinball Quest part 1

January 24 - Hawaii Pinball Quest part 1

I was sent to Hawaii for training for a few weeks in the middle of winter. God Bless the ...

Pinbot Pizza

December 30 - Pinbot Pizza

There used to be one of these at Shakey's Pizza by my house in Delaware. I used to play ...

First Pin

December 29 - First Pin

I was helping my friend move into his new house in Kentucky when I noticed this pin sitting in pieces ...

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