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May 20, 2019

29 days ago

I was an avid pinball player during my grade school and high school days during the late 70's and early 80's.    More or less spent way too many hours and according to my father,  way to many quarters at the local arcades.  The funny thing is my father was right there with me.   Anyway, I stepped away from the industry for the next several years:  ie: went off to college,  met my wonderful wife and started a family (have two wonderful boys).

While my boys were growing up:  I wanted to introduce them to the games my father and I loved to play,  especially early EM Baseball pitch and bat games.  My first purchase was a Williams Pennant Fever and then I followed up with a Williams Black Knight.    These games were in my basement and they were played constantly by our family and friends.  The greatest thing is that my father and I were able to play the games up until his passing in 2016.   

The true hobby all started on Labor Day of 2017.   My boys have gone off to college,  my wife was traveling, yard work was completed and my dog was staring at me.   I started thinking what cool hobby could I get involved with so I started looking on Ebay and Craiglist for games.   The first thing I searched was a pitch and bat game and low and behold a Williams Deluxe Shortstop came up in Columbus.  I thought to myself,  this would be a cool game to get for it sure did bring back wonderful memories of my father and I battling each other on the same game while on vacations.  I reached out to owner, was able to strike a deal,  came home with the game and now wondered how am I going to fix this game that was in terrible shape.  With many hours of reading, researching the net and the help from Pinside,  I was able to repair the game and it is now fully functional.

I enjoyed the challenge so much,  I went on to the next.   I do not have a big collection but I love taking dead machines and bringing them back to life no matter the technology of it. 

Pinball machines have given me many wonderful memories and it is awesome that new arcades are opening up all over the United States providing the same opportunity for others. 

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20 days ago
Nice story. Thanks for sharing.
12 days ago
Thanks for sharing. Welcome back to the hobby! Always good to see another Ohio collector. Looks like we have similar tastes in games, too.
9 days ago
Thanks for sharing your story and memory. Welcome to the addiction. Cheers from southern Indiana.
7 days ago
"Pinball machines have given me many wonderful memories and it is awesome that new arcades are opening up all over the United States providing the same opportunity for others."

Great story. I do worry though that too many new arcades are barcades essentially barring kids from playing as an alcoholic establishment.
1 day ago
The best part is the memories with your father. Priceless. Thanks for sharing!

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